UK Queen’s Young Leader and Nigerian influencer launch podcast amidst COVID pandemic

27-year-old Adam Bradford from London and 21-year-old Benson Ekpo from Abuja have launched the AdamStarters podcast today.
As global streaming brand Spotify released figures suggesting that online streaming has experienced a surge during the Coronavirus pandemic, more people are reported to be signing up to and streaming music and podcasts to beat stress and keep their minds active.
Popular platforms such as Google Podcasts and Apple are seeing similar listening habits emerge.
27-year-old social entrepreneur and Queen’s Young Leader Adam Bradford has decided to capitalise on this to educate and inspire the next generation of changemakers and entrepreneurs, by launching the AdamStarters podcast, named after his namesake business and enterprise programme ‘AdamStart.’


The programme, which was launched ten years ago, has supported hundreds of young people to set up their own businesses and social enterprise projects. It has had the support of UK Government Ministers and has operated in countries such as Brazil, the USA, Morocco and across the Caribbean. It launched its African branch from Nigeria last year and has ambassadors across the continent.

21-year-old Benson Ekpo serves as the Regional Lead for the programme for Africa and he has teamed up, taking his experience as a lifestyle blogger and podcaster, to support and co-host AdamStarters podcast.
Today’s episode sees the duo interview each other discussing everything from Nigerian accents to the genesis of the AdamStart programme, how to stay motivated, focusing on impact and tools to help do that. The platform aims to be an informative and hard-hitting inquiry into what makes entrepreneurs tick, how they manage day-to-day and their personal journeys.


Rodney Levine-Boateng, brand manager for Adam Bradford, commented: ‘AdamStarters is a 45-minute podcast that brings the best entrepreneurs across all genres in their respective industry directly to you. It is full of anecdotes, informative gems and it makes you the listener live the life of the guests. Join us every week at 3pm and explore a rollercoaster ride that would bring spice and add value to your life.’

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