Two suspects wanted by Police after escaping custody

In a shocking turn of events, Mr. Oluwafemi Abiodun Emmanuel whose date of birth is 01/01/1974 and Mr. Uyi Denyefa Seyi whose date of birth is 18/04/1970, both bearing NIN/PPT numbers 17194919219/A07207785 and 10247372753/B50444026 respectively, have been declared wanted by the Nigeria Police Force.

The duo’s escapade began after they managed to flee from police custody, sending waves of concern throughout the community.

Their saga commenced on the 7th of June, 2024, when authorities apprehended them engaging in homosexual activities at Mr. Oluwafemi Abiodun Emmanuel, located at Road 4, house 9, Kajola Estate, Ikorodu, Lagos. Subsequently charged and scheduled for court appearance on the 7th of June, 2024, their unexpected disappearance left law enforcement baffled and the case adjourned until the 25th of June, 2024.

Now, the Nigeria Police Force is urgently seeking any information regarding the whereabouts of these wanted individuals. Citizens are urged to report any sightings or relevant details to the nearest police station, ensuring the swift return of justice and closure for the affected community.

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