Troops Neutralize 2,245 terrorists, rescue 1,993 kidnapped victims in three months

The Nigerian military in its fight against terrorism and other criminal activities have neutralized 2,245 terrorists, arrested 3,682 suspected terrorists and other criminal elements, and rescued 1,993 kidnapped hostages between April and June this year.

The Director of Defence Media, Maj-Gen. Edward Buba disclosed this in Abuja on Thursday while briefing journalists on military operations across the country in the second quarter of the year.

According to Buba, the military operations are aimed at destroying the terrorist capabilities and making the country safe for citizens, adding that it involves synchronized ground and air operations.

“The resolve of the armed forces is very clear and it is to destroy the terrorists and dismantle their military capabilities in order for citizens to be safe. Accordingly, troops are actively fighting in different forms and retain operational flexibility which gives us the ability to respond to different events and to project forces according to strategic needs,” he said.

He added that the forces recovered a significant amount of arms and ammunition, including 1,169 AK47 rifles, 36,273 rounds of 7.62mm special ammo, 14,764 rounds of 7.62mm NATO, and 713 assorted arms.

In addition to these weapons, troops also recovered large quantities of stolen oil products, including 9,225,149 litres of stolen crude oil, 2,874,916 litres of illegally refined AGO, 29,900 litres of DPK, and 31,380 litres of PMS.

According to him, the armed forces have degraded the terrorist group significantly but it will take time and effort to completely eliminate them.

“It would take time and effort to completely destroy these terrorists. Counter-insurgency is akin to a marathon not a sprint,” he noted.

The military has also taken steps to minimize civilian casualties in its operations by continually assessing its actions and making adjustments as necessary. The operations are progressing according to plan and abide by international laws governing armed conflict.

The Director of Defence Media concluded by reiterating the military’s commitment to making the country safe for citizens.

“We will do everything within the bounds of the law to make our nation safe for citizens, the military will keep up with the fighting spirit and maintain the stamina in the frontlines. Our pride is to risk our lives to save the lives of our citizens. This is what we do to secure our country.”

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