Tinubu declares open annual Tafsir

President Bola Tinubu on Tuesday declared open the Ramadan Tafsir (explanation of the Holy Qur’an) along with other muslim faithful at the State House mosque.

Declaring open the annual Tafsir, President Tinubu advised the Muslim faithful to demonstrate kindness to one another and their neighbours while also supporting the less privileged in society.

‘’We thank Almighty Allah for sparing us to see another holy month of Ramadan. We thank Allah for sparing us through the elections and giving us the opportunity to be Nigerians.

‘’Yes, things are tough, but Allah has ordained us to make sacrifices, to discipline ourselves, help others, and be kind to ourselves.

‘’May Almighty God, who gave us this opportunity, strengthen our resolve; help us change our country, and extend our love to our neighbours.

‘’We face challenges of kidnapping, banditry, and others. May Allah show mercy on all of us, the dead, and accept our good deeds.

‘’May Almighty Allah give us strength and good life to see the month of Ramadan through and to continue in good faith to worship him. I advise all of us to continue to pray for our country,’’ the President said.

President Tinubu also told the Ulamas that God has given them the wisdom, knowledge, and the heart to teach others, emphasising the importance of teaching forgiveness, patience, and endurance to the faithful, as well as sharing their blessings with others.

‘’It is in our hearts to make sacrifices and share whatever little we have with our brothers and sisters. Be kind and humble enough. The sacrifice that this period teaches us is enough.

‘’May Almighty Allah grant us the privilege and the strength; not the strength of hunger but the strength of character and attitude to love our country and make Nigeria great. As-Salaam-Alaikum,” the President prayed.

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