The swiftest hours, as they flew… 100 days in office


Time is the pivot of life activities, when you miss a  second, you miss a time in your lifetime! Time is undoubtedly the greatest asset one can ever acquire. The ultimate and real time is in the mind. Time is thought and thought is time. To mind your time, you need to mind your thought! To mind your life, you must mind your time!.

This is the correct analytical idea that better describes the celebrations galore of the present occupiers of various political offices in the country.

While it will be unfair to start examining and take stocks of performance of people in government at this short period of time although, some of this set of people were quick to hit the ground running in an admirable manner, while others have shown unimpressive start to send signal that all can not be well in subsequent months and years. Some may appear slow but with good intentions to kickstart rapid success, while some remain  indecisive with little or nothing to point to but a clear manifestation that they are clueless when it comes to governance.

In a race, to start very fast does not out rightly mean you will get there before others because slow and steady usually wins the race.

As much as Time management is key… So also Dedication, Steadfastness, Focus and being Strategic remain the propelling factors that can drive a serious government to the land of success .

Now that the 100 days is gone, the challenges ahead include how best each of these state governments can manage the meagre resources at their disposal. The autonomy for the house of Assembly financially is fast  coming on stream in a number of weeks, ditto the judiciary… I seriously  wonder how many governors will cope… then the issue of N30, 000   minimum wage will come on stream at some point..

And because many are still owing salaries,   there is going to be a lot of brick wall to fill their pots  …. all this is certainly going to haunt many of them for many months and soon, they will begin real politics to seek continuity  sooner than later.

The electorates are becoming wiser as years roll by. The various governments must be watchful of their tactics to deal with the governed as there is every propensity to find out that  the system that worked yesterday in subduing the governed to needless submission may have become imperial today. One needs not spell out the likely outcome of such unpopular approach.

It is important for a leader not only to have a mission and a vision, setting of a goal based on time for its execution is crucial to a leader who is worth his salt.

There is no political leadership tenure that is eternal. It is the day of resumption that determines the date of exit. If one is not eased out by the instrumentality of the law of the land, how about death that is always waiting in the wing for its the final oversight functions of human beings?

Former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s plight who joined the great majority is still fresh in the discerning minds as all his activities were laws when he was in the saddle of the government of his country. Today, the body of Mugabe is as powerless as a mere loaf of bread. It was only his deeds that the people would be talking about.

You are the only determinant of what you wish to be remembered for after the end of your sojourn on earth.