The mystery behind bar exams failure


There is a recent report that went wild like a madden dog or one can say a harmattan fire which is difficult to extinguish, however, the story mentioning 890 students that failed their Bar examinations in Nigeria.

Going by the criteria one can attain before proceeding to Nigerian Law School, a candidate must have been certified holder of Bachelor of Law (BL) from a recognised university in Nigeria of from foreign counterparts. Meanwhile, findings revealed that many so called Law graduates of Nigerian universities are more of derelict ones. That is, most of them past through the school but the system does not pass through them at all.

In his book, Philosophical Essays, Prof. Tam David-West said that to call a person a graduate, he must possess a refinement of character, ability to compose whenever and wherever there is need to, and attitude to cope with some certain variables in the society.

In addition to this, Prof. Wole Soyinka’s book, Interpreter says: “A degree does not make a graduate.” However, to have a degree is not a complete knowledge one can boast of as far as academic attainment is concerned.

Funnily enough, failure is not an end to one’s challenges in life but a stepping stone to something better, greater and newer in life so that one can learn from the past irregularities.

After all, these graduates who failed their examinations in Nigerian Law School are not neophytes to legal terminologies, theories, principles and practical methodologies but the secret behind their failure is not far-fetched.

Therefore, this failure that sprawled out these days has not just risen but many of their parents and guardians saw it coming but they are just postponing bad day. Now, the cat is let out of the bag for the whole world to have a glimpse of what they have shielding from the nation at large. Meanwhile, the failure started long time ago whereby parents pay for magic centers to write their Ordinary Level (O’Level) and Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board.

Therefore, this is the main problem; from there, they (students) see life as a bed of rose, because their parents do not allow them to exploit their brain to know the toughness of examinations and future challenges. Meanwhile today, they are between the devil and deep blue sea.

In their previous colleges and universities, they know how to settle their ways, sometimes, to get what they want; they settle their lecturers in dollars and Pound Sterling while their female counterparts pay through carnal exposure. However, these spoilt graduates and their parents believe that they have escaped but forgotten that what you don’t have you can never offer it.

Surprisingly enough, they think they have escaped from their academic challenges in their universities which is internal ones, but now, it comes to public examinations, they have realised their debacles but it is too late for the mortal to outsmart the living.

Consequent upon the students’ failure, many parents were yet to recover from the shock they had when they received the bad news of their sons and daughters’ failure; meanwhile they are the architects of this failure.Meanwhile, students should not toy with their education because this is their future; they should try to read day and night so that they can excel in their academic endeavour as Ngozi Chimamanda Adichie wrote in her book, Half of A Yellow Sun: ‘’To whom much is given much is expected.”

For instance, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti was told to study Medicine like his brothers but he saw his future that he can excel in Music and ventured into it, today everybody can tell his contributions towards the development of Afro-beat not only in Nigeria, had he been he went ahead and studied the Medicine, he might have failed to fulfil his dream in the world as a person. Also, there is a case of a son of Senior Advocate of Nigeria, a human right lawyer and activist who studied Law and later joined the bandwagon of musicians in Lagos State. Today, his name has become an household name among the teens on the streets of Lagos and beyond. Unfortunately however, these students might have been pressurised to study Law and at the end of the day, they failed their  examinations. perhaps, if they had gone for another course they may have done better than the Law they study in their universities and addition to these statements, there is a poor boy who was arrested for allegedly altered Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board result. Meanwhile, he scored 201 and later changed it to 269 to suit his father who want him to study Medicine at all cost. His father is a Professor of Medicine and he wanted this poor boy to study and become a medical doctor. Now, the boy was arrested and JAMB has vowed that he would be prosecuted. Now, his father who is a Professor of Medicine has started running up and down so that the boy would not be prosecuted and his image will not be tarnished or disrepute. No matter what, parentage should not be an issue of forcing into neck or mind of their sons or daughters in terms course studying in the universities. however, students should also know their ability before concluding to study a particular.

Parents should desist from doing what can affect the life of their children negatively. In some cases of bribing people, teachers or lecturers to pass their children. This is the genesis of all academic challenges many students are facing in the universities or colleges. Many students cannot cope with the course he finds himself. Now, his parent had bribe him in but they can never buy knowledge or understanding of this child on the course.