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Nigeria’s tech journey is an ongoing process that involves the active involvement of its government as well as its people. As of 2021, Nigeria’s population totalled to 211 million people. In 2020, 50 percent of the its population were able to access the Internet, but only 41 percent of Nigerians possessed a smartphone. The Nigerian government has made efforts to improve digital literacy in Nigeria. For example, the government has implemented the National Broadband Plan to increase internet access. But before this journey can be truly successful, the government would need to clear up doubts surrounding technology as a whole.

The path of technological advancement could be a smooth or bumpy road. It all depends on the government andthe people. It is important that they are able to understand the importance of technology in their lives. They need to recognise the roles they play in basic aspects of everyday life. One may look upon the smartphone as a distracting tool, but it is merely a bridge between people. Online communities are built, and existing friendships are made through this tool. It can also be used to accomplish many other tasks such asbusiness purposes (marketing, calculations etc.) Due to its user friendliness, it is easy to handle.

Another important thing to consider is thatthe government should begin to input technology into certain aspects of their lives. Although this might prove difficult at first, but there’s nothing a good demonstration or proper, easy to understand, user manual can not fix.Technology can be inputted in schools, this would help the younger generation to grow up to be ‘tech-savvy’ and technology in workplacesensures the working force learns how to use tech. This would also help to quell the doubts surrounding technology.

Although technology has its many benefits, nothing is without its disadvantages. Cybercrime and cyberbullying are rampant in the tech world, but these can be alleviated if the people are educated on the parameters to be taken against such vices. Just as we take measures to preserve our money, homes, etc. We can equally take measures to secure our private lives, devices, and online personalities.

To summarise, the Nigerian government has taken steps to improve Naija’s tech journey, but its people need to embrace these efforts that are being made. Technology is not a vice. It is merely a tool that can be used for good or bad. With that said, actions should be taken to make the people understand this.

Akpoborie Jasmine Grace.

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