Still on plight of Nigerians


We have, since 57 years ago, moved away from the evil, oppression, rape, mental and physical enslavement, confusion, hatred, and pain inflicted on us by the colonial masters to the infliction of all these disorders on us by our own brothers and sisters.

Obviously, our leaders have failed to learn from the white men the good things they do for themselves. They have adopted only the vicious things the white men did and to a large extent, are still doing to us.

The looting and mental and physical enslavement that have now become a tradition with our leaders are an ancient practices learnt from the colonial masters.

I am sure that in their minds, they would often ask themselves: if the colonial masters could do it, why can’t we?’. What this teaches us, however, is that our colonial masters have now changed from the white folks to our black brothers and sisters.

Since the second quarter of 2017, a very slim number of genuinely patriotic Nigerians have been at the trenches actively calling for a rude reawakening of our consciousness as a people.

And it would be a colossal lapse in judgment if we fail to identify with these change agents who are driven only by the love of fatherland and a strong desire to bring an end to the consistent rape of our collective dignity.

From the ‘resume or resign’ campaign to the demonstrations of protest on the brutality of SARS operatives in Nigeria, activists of the “OurMumuDonDo” movement have proven to every right-thinking Nigerian that we have a chance to redeem our nation.

Important to note is the unbending resolve of these activists who have chosen to speak at a time when silence is considered golden.

important to note, and quite astonishing, I must say, is the compelling reasons for which these activists have chosen to speak: the common malaise besetting all of us as a people; the detrimental impact of failures in leadership positions on the Nigerian people; our shared suffering and predicaments; the incessant looting of our commonwealth; and the stomach-churning apathy with which most members of the third estate in our society have reacted to these anomalies.