States need to increase revenue through IGR


Lead Consultant, Allied Bond Consulting, Mr Willie Tawo said on Wednesday that state governors need to be “dynamically challenged” to think out of the box to fund the running cost of governance.

He said this in a statement on a national workshop to increase Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) in states and fund budgetary demands amid the COVID-19 pandemic, set to hold on Dec. 14 and Dec. 15.

Tawo, the programme coordinator, said that the governors also needed such attitude to in the development of infrastructure and provision of social services.

“As state governments embark on the annual cycle of budgeting and particularly the year 2021 budget which is a road map for post –coronavirus economies, one major concern is how to fund the huge budgetary demands.

“This is on the backdrop of the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic which has resulted in a fall in crude oil process and attendant drop in Federation Account Revenue as well as an average 26. 5 per cent decline in states IGR,”  Tawo said.

Furthermore, he noted that there was an over-reliance on monthly federal allocations by states such that some could not survive without allocation on a monthly federation account.

“This has become worrisome and a fact that made Mr Elias Mbam, Chairman, Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Federal Commission, to recently call on state governments to develop strategies to boost their IGR to reduce the stress on the federation account.

“Hence, this workshop is designed to rethink strategies, techniques and models to boost revenue generation in the state,” he said.

The workshop would be organised by Allied Bond Consulting under the auspices of Power Infrastructure Finance and Services (PIFS) Conferences.

Tawo said that workshop content would include Introduction of Innovative Techniques, Ideas and Strategies; Deployment of Technology; Creating a Robust Database; Legal and Regulatory Environment; and Rejigging Revenue Generation Amidst and Post COVID-19, among others.

The workshop targets the participation of all States Internal Revenue Service; state ministries of finance, agriculture, lands, environment, commerce and industry, water and natural resources, culture and tourism; and revenue generating departments and agencies.

“Building on the experience and relative success of the November, 2015 seminar and other `Access to Finance’ Programmes, this workshop holds great prospects for enhancing IGR in States,” he said.

He said that a significant boost could be given to IGR in states supplying the right techniques, which the workshop was set to achieve.