Stakeholders call for women’s collaboration in Oil & gas sector


By Olanipekun Olayinka

Industry leaders and members of Women Oil and Gas Association (WOGA) at the  Sub Saharan  African international Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (SAIPEC) have encouraged collaboration of women in Sub Saharan Energy sector.

The Secretary of PETAN and Managing Director of AFTRAC, Mrs. Patricia Simon Hart made this know while delivering her keynote address on Thursday at the grand finale of SAIPEC’s 4th conference in Lagos.

She made it known that there is need for women to be in energy sector and make impact.

She said, “Women have a prominent role to play in energy sector and the vision of SAIPEC for women in industry  is to become leading women in the association of oil and gas sector and building relationship and network is needed.

“We are also building circle of trust among ourselves, and contact inter connection. Also, when you help another woman up,  we all share.

“Women are to act as connectors to people and organizations cannot reach their full potentials without by incorporating gender balance formation”

Also in a panel discussion on the collaboration of women in energy in Sub Saharan African, Managing Director of Zigma limite, Mrs Funmi Ogbue said that is need to collaborate and make impact as women in energy sector, stating that it is their core vision to become leading women in the association of oil sector by building relationship, connection and network.

According to her, “Women should act as connectors to people, develop network and platforms to foaster collaboration in sub Zahara Africa and  Organizations cannot reach their full potentials without including gender balance formation, i t has a long way to go in the growth of a sector.”

Petroleum Authority of Uganda, Mrs. Lindah Nalubanga said during the panel of discussion that 75per cent of their oil industry directorate are women, adding that Uganda Authority also saw the need to incorporate women in the oil activities of the country.

However, in a bid to further give clear analysis of the importance of women in oil sector, a representative Exxon Mobil that disclosed that they are kin at developing entrepreneurs and also boost women’s management skill.

She added that, “implementing program on financial literacy and access to saving account to advance saving programs designed for women and a key driver of women’s economic empowerment and community development is Centre For Global Development.”

Exxon Mobil representative said the company has supported women in more than 90 countries to fulfil their economic potentials and drive economic and social changes in their communities.