Sim card registration and roadsides vendors


The current call for sim card registrations and updates may not be unconnected to the activities of the roadsides vendors or agents who register new subscribers for fees. One of the roadside agents told News Direct that they were authorized by the telecom operators to register and updates new sim card subcribers. When asked how much they collect from the subscribers, he said it depends on the negotiations, it could N100 or N200. There are some who wore branded t- shirts of the telecom operators standing at strategic locations beseeching passers-by to come and take the sim card for free, but after registration the subscriber will be asked to pay N100 or more for the credit on the sim card. The economic situation of the country must have prompted this kind unregulated job. It would have been a lucrative job if not for the lack of attention to details on their part and the inability of the various telecom service providers to monitor their activities properly.
One of the customer service agents of MTN Nigeria has this to say about the road side’s vendors” Most of these customers registered with these roadside vendors. It’s not the fault of MTN, it is the fault of subscribers and now, they have only ended up putting us on the edge. They buy a SIM card and instead of proceeding to the MTN office close by, they stop along the road to do shard-sharp registration. And you know, most of these vendors are not from MTN really. A guy can just wake up one day, gets a laptop, an MTN umbrella, maybe an apron and set up his office at a corner and claim to be an MTN petty official. This is wrong. I’m sure these are why we have such issues of unregistered SIMs,” she said.
It will be recalled that MTN Nigeria was toward the tail end of 2015 fined by Nigeria Communication Commission, NCC for failure to deactivate well over 1.5 million unregistered sim cards. The problem with the roadsides agents or vendors is that accurate data or information is not entered properly, or the information given by the subscribers did not get to the telecom operators data base, and if they did, it’s often times incomplete. Subscribers and stakeholders are like are worried and concern over this frequent calls for sim card registration, updates and re-registration. This is no doubt a wakeup call to all the telecom operators to come out and clarify themselves on the roadsides vendors or agents. This will reduce; if not totally limit the number of in accuracy in their data base and give subscribers time and peace of mind to enjoy seamless services from them.


  1. i wish to be a road side vendore with airtel,telecomunication,and i wish to be funished on how to go about the business

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