Shell increases domestic gas distribution capacity by 150%


By Shorunke Tunde

Shell Nigeria Gas (SNG), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company, has increased its gas distribution capacity by more than 150 per cent.

This follows the completion of its second gas train, the Agbara-Ota Capacity Increase Project, which allows SNG and its partners to regularly deliver gas to subscribed industries in Ogun State, South West Nigeria.

In addition to the Agbara Ota train, SNG currently operates a gas transmission and distribution network of approximately 115km in Nigeria. It also runs the Aba Cluster in Abia State, South East Nigeria, and the Port Harcourt Cluster in Rivers State.

The Managing Director at SNG, Ed Ubong, said, “Apart from increasing the distribution capacity in existing states where it operates, SNG is maturing opportunities to expand its gas distribution network to new states. On completion of its expansion projects, more than 1,000MW equivalent of energy will be directly supplied to various industrial parks and manufacturing companies in Nigeria.”

“Shell is committed to supporting the Nigerian government’s aspiration to grow the domestic gas market, making domestic infrastructure investments under the right commercial conditions and continuing to birth domestic gas projects that will be major game-changers in Nigeria’s quest for cleaner energy sufficiency, industrialisation and economic growth,”