Sex-for-grade: Importance of flushing parasite-models out of school system


The syndrome of exploitation manifesting up to the atmosphere of academic settings in Nigeria is an intensed source of worry, regarding the threats it portends to the Country’s future. The sordid culture of sex for grade amidst other forms of intimidation in Nigerian tertiary institutions of learning, continue to put many into the realms of deep thought of what the society is fast becoming, when mentors have become parasites feasting on their mentees. A seeming picture of how to flush the system reflected with the decision of the Governing Council of the Modibbo Adama University of Technology Yola in Adamawa State which terminated the appointment of two senior lecturers following their alleged involvement in sexual harassment. The development was contained in a statement issued on Tuesday by the Information and Protocol Officer of the university, Aminu Gururmpawo. The Information Officer further disclosed that the University’s Council also sacked one Mohammed Bakari-Girei, Deputy Registrar, Registry Department, for misappropriation of the University’s Primary School Parent/Teacher Association’s funds to the tune of N1.12 million.

The statement read: “The Governing Council of the Modibbo Adama University of Technology Yola at its 96th regular meeting held on Thursday 27th February 2020 approved the termination of appointments of three senior staff of the university. Two of the senior academic staff appointment was terminated for their involvement in acts of victimisation and sexual harassment. They are Dr Yakubu Bobboi and Dr Toma Fulani Mbahi both staff of the Department of Animal Science and Range Management who were penalised for their involvement in the victimisation and sexual harassment of one Miss C. A. Bathon, a Masters student in the Department. The appointment of Alhaji Mohammed Bakari-Girei, Deputy Registrar, Registry Department, was also terminated for his role in the misappropriation of the University Primary School Parent/Teacher Association’s (PTA) funds to the tune of One million, One hundred and Twenty thousand (1,120,000. 00) Naira.’’

The termination which according to the Information Officer takes immediate effect, is a good example to show to other tertiary institutions in the Country where Lecturers and other non-academic staff have turn themselves into vehicles of intimidation and sexual harassment among other forms of misconducts and victimisations. Acting with the guts of impunity is a culture which for years have been sustained across so many Nigerian institutions, particularly public tertiary institutions, where Lecturers constitute themselves into unquestioned gods who use their position to intimidate students particularly the female folks to take undue advantage of them.

Academic institutions, by standard, should be structural and reforming grounds where individuals are meant to be modelled and shaped into rational personalities. It however becomes saddening, when those who are supposed to be models for students have turned into agents of depression and deformation who plunge the future of those they are meant to guide into crisis. The youths are practically considered to be the future engine of every society, and threats to their proper development is tantamount to threat to the future development of any society in question.

Since it is the paramount duty of every Government to eliminate potential and actual threats or obstacles to its development, it therefore becomes a piont of call to the Nigerian Government in every concerned echelon to treat academic stakeholders who are given to the deforming conducts of harassment, victimisation and intimidation in every form, as criminals who are potential threats to the future of Nigeria and take more strict measures to fist them out of the system. The proper formation of the youths is critical to the socio-economic and political future development of the Country. The Government should not slack in any form in eliminating all circumstantial  threats against Nigerian youth developmental faculties.