Seek divorce if your marriage is abusive  – Uche Jombo


Nollywood actress, Uche Jumbo Rodriguez, who married her heartthrob in 2012 is a proud mother of one.

The actress, who seems to be enjoying her time bonding with her new family, is yet to resume acting. She is one of the most sort after actress in the industry and she has successfully produced some movies of her own.

In a recent post, she decided to advise single ladies. Definitely, she might have experienced or witnessed something that could have warranted her choice of words, because they are very deep. “Dear world, please marriage is not a woman’s highest/biggest accomplishment.” she wrote

It’s no news that in Africa, Nigeria to be precise, marriage is important, due to our cultural values. Making a home, having a family of your own is important, when desperation sets in, one tends to make a life time mistake which is the reason we have a high rate of divorce these days. Marriage is not a do or die affair, if you find yourself in an abusive one, please seek for a divorce before candles are been light on your grave, if you are not married, please be patient, take your time before saying I do, so, you don’t have any regret in the future.