S’Court judgment: moment of joy, sober reflection -Bauchi Gov


By Rukayat Akanbi, Bauchi

Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed has said his victory represents a moment of joy and sober reflection

He noted that the victory is also the beginning of another task to make sure that state is better than it was found.

The Governor also said he has began another face of challenge and could not celebrate when majority of people in the state are in poverty, illiteracy, hunger, and are threatened by diseases, rather a moment of sober reflection.

Mohammed made the statement at a media chat inside the Government House yesterday, he said the court processes from election petition tribunal to the apex court was a distraction to his development plan.

His words: “It is not time for us to start dancing and dining. The mammoth crow that greeted our victory after the supreme court ruling was a signal that, we have a long way to go.

“We must deliver. God is watching us. I want your supports to deliver Bauchi from bad governance, poverty, lack of water in urban and rural areas and insecurity.

“I’m looking sober, I am burning inside with a sense of exhilaration, with a feeling that, yes we have won at the Supreme Court and this is the beginning of another journey. It is moment of joy and sadness, moment of sober reflection and we must make sure that we make Bauchi better than we found it.”

Mohammed said his administration was expecting so much from the Federal Government but he must use his creativity, sense of direction and modesty to use what is available to change the state, while sourcing for resources inward without hurting common man.

He said for the sake of common man, he would conduct local government election within next six and seven months with minimum resources.

Mohammed said education, health, water and poverty alleviation were his priorities. “Education, without it we are nowhere, we used to be at the forefront. We are definitely going to change the narrative of our schools because some of them are blown off.”