Rotary, Oyo Govt. trains women on economic usage of cassava flour in Ibadan


No fewer than one hundred women in Oke Aremo Community have benefited from a one-day training on how to put cassava flour to other economic use.

The training is organized by the Rotary Club of Ibadan City Central, District 9125, Nigeria in collaboration with Oyo State Agricultural Development Programme (OYSADEP)

Aside from the training on the processing and utilization of cassava flour for the women also featured donations of food items and other household materials to the less privileged in the community.

President of the club, Mr Lanrewaju Afolabi said the intention of the training empowerment is to encourage the women on the utilization of cassava “meaning that we want to expose them to some other things they can actually use cassava to produce aside from the normal cassava flour or garri and fufu. We want them to know how they can add value to cassava and give it the needed nutritional value that they need to make their lives better.

“We decided on training women because we discovered that women are mostly in charge of providing food and provision for households and that is why we targeted them for empowerment so that they can know the other things they can utilize cassava and cassava flour for. We know the roles they play in providing food for their children and household at large.

“This is a training as well as empowerment and for those who will benefit, starting or making money from the skill is not something that is capital intensive. It’s something they could start even with one or two thousand naira. Just to add value to the cassava flour they have and that which they eat almost every time in the sense that they can make other edible produces from the cassava flour. It is not something that will be very difficult to start because the cost of even starting a business or petty trade in that line is very low and anybody can easily key into the idea.”

One of the trainers at the event Mrs Opajobi Serah said beyond the training, the women were invited how to fortify cassava flour with proteins and improve in the dietary intake of their children and family.

She said “We are to train them on how to use cassava flour to makes snacks among others. More importantly, we want to teach them how to fortify the cassava flour with proteins. We also want to empower them to take it up as a business, so that they too can have a better source of livelihood and more so at their household levels, they will increase the protein intakes as food.

The training was targeted at women because we know that it is the women who own the home and knows what she feeds the children with. Also, we noticed that, in this part of the world, especially in Africa, taking Nigeria as an example, most parents only feed their children with carbohydrates just to ensure they have filled the stomach. We also want them to get exposed to other options that will help them reduce sugar intakes and such other unhealthy delicacies such as snacks.”

A community leader, Imam Musbaudeen Oladejo who was also present at the training expressed appreciation of the women and the entire community to the Rotary club, noting that many people in the community will remain grateful for the knowledge and empowerment to better their lives and particularly hygiene.