Research: CSO tasks Kwara Govt on budget spendings

The Elite Network for Sustainable Development (ENETSUD) has advised the Kwara Government to base its appropriation and spending on research.

The group, a Civil Society Organisation (CSO), said absence of research based expenditures has led to a situation where public fund is not sufficiently working for the tax payers.

Addressing journalists in Ilorin on Wednesday, the ENETSUD Deputy Coordinator (Projects Tracking), Mr Lanre Osho, said corruption has led to huge infrastructural gaps in almost all of the 193 wards of the state.

According to him, this is evident by “lack of potable water, quality and affordable healthcare, a sound educational system and good road network, among others, in addition to high poverty rate and unemployment.”

He said,  “Government appropriation and spending through the budgets are not products of well-researched needs assessment in most cases, leading to a situation where the public fund is not sufficiently working for the tax payers.

“Our observations triggered us to design a programme called Citizens Enlightenment and Mobilisation Programme (CEMP), which has needs assessment of Kwara communities as one of its activities,” he disclosed.

Mrs Fatima Dikko, the Acting Director of Community Services, ENetSuD, said its recently launched anti-corruption app which is currently being used by citizens, will provide citizens across Kwara opportunity to take their destiny into their hands.

She said, “Since its creation, CEMP has helped in facilitating projects, especially potable water, to rural communities in Moro, Asa and Patigi LGAs.”

She described ENetSuD partnership with Gobir Organisation Foundation (GOF) to the tune of N26.5 million as welcome development, which would further enhance its activities.

“We will practise what we preach. Every kobo received from GOF and spent on this project will be properly accounted for.

“We track government. We are also ready to be tracked. We dig, and we are ready to be dug,” she added.

The Chairman of the GOF, Alhaji Waziri Gobir, said CEMP aligned with its vision of providing data-backed solutions to local problems.

“The most crucial component of philanthropy of any kind is not only delivering it to intended beneficiaries; but also ensuring that the aid being rendered is proportional to their needs at every point in time.

“This concept of contextual social investment is one that must be prioritised in Kwara State and Nigeria as a whole,” he canvassed.

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