Report Exploration and Production of Crude Oil in a Developmental Way- Omofaye Boason


By Kayode Ajayi

The Nigeria’s foremost business and economic broadcast journalist, Omofaye Boason has urged the journalist in the oil and gas media sector to engage in self developmental thinking and deep research before making an assertion in their stories. 

He said this while addressing journalist in a workshop organized by the Nigeria Association of Explorationists (NAPE).  While speaking at the workshop, Boason encouraged journalist to get necessary information they need in the oil and gas industry and think critically about such information before jumping into a conclusion, while he pointed out that the importance of critical thinking equals to clear thought processing, which results to clear writing and sound judgment.

“You can perform the necessary research for a story and plan to finish with a strong conclusion. But, when you fail to adopt critical thinking and developmental thinking, your story risk coming across as ambiguous or not well thought out. This is because you can’t really plan your arguments or provide the story’s premises effectively with critical thinking”

Stating that the singular factor that can help journalist to write a fantastic report is to draw reactions from an economic point of view of the oil and gas industry, however, writing entirely from the industry point of view will make an ineffective and unbalance report from the sector.

Boason counseled the journalist to acquire sufficient skills that will enable them communicate change in a highly impoverished economic state like our nation. 

He stressed that while reporting to people, always understand that the kind of report meant for the poor will be hugely different from the report meant for the well fed individual, this implies that journalist reporting  for oil and gas sector should be strategic, logical and perhaps be simple in their analysis.

According to him, “it is a very difficult task reporting oil and gas in Nigeria unlike foreign country such as Norway where the sovereign wealth fund is in excess of trillions of dollar invested across the world”. Bottom line is that that journalist should engaged in proper research and critical thinking so that they can present 

and sensitize the public with the right information about the activities of the oil and gas company in Nigeria rather than misalign the information from the sector.

Therefore, the task the journalists are shrouded with includes writing accurate stories from the reliable source and also to write stories that will propel the oil and gas company in Nigeria to subject to the best international practices for sustainable development and to get responses from the strategies of oil and gas company financial market towards sustainable development. Journalist in the oil and gas sector should write story beyond operations in the industry, but should consider financial market of the sector, more so, always request for the annual financial budget report of the industry”.

Interpret information to separate noise from the news, noise is to talk or buzz or some headlines that prevents public from seeing a story clearly, put research, news gathering into good judgement.

Think like an industry practioner firstly, analyst secondly and a reporter thirdly, doing this would shape and refine the perspective of the journalist view of story writing. Put news into perspective and avoid herd-mentality, adopt contratrian thinking, he said.