Primary, secondary schools in FCT reopened


…students to observe COVID-19 guidelines

By Peter Usman, Abuja

All the primary and secondary schools in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT have reopened for normal classroom activities as students were strictly directed to observe Covid-19 guidelines.

The Federal Capital Territory Administration, FCTA, has directed that schools with a high population of students and pupils with less structures should observe a shifting system.

Students in JSS 1 and pupils in primary 1 to 3 were directed to resume schools in the morning while those in the senior classes were asked to resumed in the afternoon.

Speaking to journalists in an interview, Director and Acting Secretary, Universal Basic Education, FCT, Alhaji Hussiani Bako Kuje, said that the reason for adopting the shifting system was to observe COVID-19 protocols.

Bako stated that most of the schools in urban and semi urban areas in the territory are overpopulated, saying that if all students and pupils in such schools are allowed to resume at the same time, class rooms will be crowded.

He explained that pupils in primary 1 to 3 were directed to resume in the morning, while those in primary 4, 5 and 6 were asked to resume in the afternoon, adding that students in JSS 1 to resume in the morning and JSS 2 students to resume in the afternoon respectively.

The Acting Secretary however stated that schools with enough structures that can accommodate students without them being crowded in a class room were allow to resume in the morning and close in the afternoon all together.

He said, “So far during our visit today, we discovered that some schools can even take care of the students because of the structure on ground, but schools with inadequate structures have to split their students: morning and afternoon session”

Bako stated that as long as COVID-19 lasts, FCT schools will continue to maintain a shifting system.

“While the shifting system is ongoing, if enough structures are provided, the students will resume in the morning and close at the same time in the afternoon,” he said.