Presidency's criminal silence on Southern Kaduna killings


A provision in the Nigerian Constitution says the country is a secular nation; meaning there should be no state religion for the country. Every citizen is free to practise his preferred religion be it Islam, Christianity or other traditional religions as the case may be. Nigerians should practise their religions without let or hindrance.

Close to two months, Southern Kaduna had been a human slaughter house of sort where Fulani cattle rustlers daily killed innocent and hapless Christian faithful in their numbers without cause. The intensity of this human butchery should give patriotic, lovable citizens some worry. It is quite sad and unfortunate that relevant government personalities who should have stood up at the right time to stem this holocaust – President Muhammadu Buhari and Kaduna State governor, Nasir el-Rufai – decided in their wisdom or unwisdom to remain unnecessarily taciturn on this avoidable progrom which goes on daily unabated.

Hitherto no statement has come from the President ditto from Governor el-Rufai who was always speaking from the two sides of his mouth in incoherent statements thus giving the murderers a free reign in their mad exploits. We have lost count of the number of innocent people who had been rail-roaded to their early graves. The number of victims daily increases in a country where there is a government in place and in a state where somebody is at the helm. Sad enough!

A visibly angry Ekiti cleric, Pastor Sulaimon had called on Christians nationwide to henceforth defend themselves from these berserk Fulani cattle rustlers. Since then the DSS had been on his trail for that statement. We ask, what offence has the innocent cleric committed by his statement? The DSS and other security agencies were always around any time these cattle rustlers struck without they checkmating them. They should leave the cleric alone and not disturb him from performing his spiritual vocation  especially now that the DSS’s modus operandi is attracting acerbic criticisms from Nigerians. They should be on the trail of criminals in the society.

It is better late than be late, says an adage. The Southern Kaduna killings can still be tamed: one, the Presidency should make a categorical statement on the issue, at least it would soften the minds of these rifraff, two Governor Nasir el-Rufai should put off the toga of carefree attitude and confront this issue frontally, deal with culprits drastically. He should spend part of his security vote on such things like this. Family victims of this insanity should be adequately placated. The Presidency and state governors should give security agencies a tall order on this assignment.

An unreserved apology should be given to the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) by the Federal and Kaduna State governments. Equally important is that there should be mass arrests and prosecution of these brigands who unlawfully carry AK 47 rifles all about. Fulani cattle rustlers carrying arms are prospective night marauders with criminal intent.

The country’s security agencies should be overhauled and given new code of engagement. They should also be proactive in their day-to-day assignments.

The country is awash with enough extra-judicial killings and the trend should forthwith stop. Enough of wanton wastage of human lives daily without any concerted action.

President Mohammadu Buhari and Kaduna helmsman el Rufai should break their silence on this situation, take tough actions before a serious religious war sprouts, develop to conflagration which may likely dismember the country and consequently consume the entire country. God forbid.

Insinuations are rife in the country that President Muhammadu Buhari, a Fulani himself, that is why he is hamstrung in this case of Fulani cattle rustlers, hence his reticence on this matter. He therefore should prove Nigerians, nay the Christian community wrong and deal with the issue with utmost dispatch.