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Power Minister calls for capital punishment for vandals



The Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu, has called for the imposition of capital punishment on individuals vandalising critical power infrastructure.

Adelabu spoke in Lagos during an official visit to Ikeja Electric.

Declaring that the vandals “now use dynamite to destroy power installations,” the minister added that this act of sabotage “is becoming rampant now. During our time, we need to reverse this ugly situation.”

The Minister further labelled vandals of power assets as killers of people and saboteurs of businesses growth.

“We need scapegoats. We are ready to give them the right punishment in terms of prosecution.”

“Punishment for vandals should go beyond six months jail term. Capital punishment should be meted out for power vandals. They kill people, and they kill businesses,” he declared.

Adelabu also commended the IE team led by the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Ikeja Electric, Mrs. Folake Soetan.

“This meeting is planned, not accidental, even though it is brought forward from a later date.”

“You have made landmark achievements in the last 10 years. You have done well in relation to other DisCos. We can just shake your hands and leave, but they say the biggest room is the room for improvement.

“You are a model DisCo, the biggest in terms of revenue collection. I don’t know the one that is bigger between you and Ibadan DisCo in terms of industrial clusters because I am aware there are a lot of industries within your catchment areas.

“I believe that this is the time for all of us to wake up and do things well for the country. Though I am bothered about what is happening but I am not discouraged. This is the time that you (Discos) should work hard with us to get desired improvements in power supply to people and businesses.”

“To expedite national development through a sustainable power sector for reliable: cost-effective and sustainable power.”

Responding, the IE CEO stated that the company has achieved a lot in terms of infrastructure upgrades and capital expenditure.

“The capex that stood at N5bn in 2003 during takeover has been increased to N50.58 billion by 2023.

“Our metering density has also increased. Standing at 125,000 meters per year target rate for the first four years,” she said.

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