Power deficit may worsen insecurity-GenCos


By Ogaga Ariemu(Abuja).

The Executive Secretary, Association of Power Generation Companies(APGC), umbrella body of power generation companies in Nigeria, Dr Joy Ogaji has revealed that energy deficit may worsen insecurity in Nigeria.

This was disclosed by Dr Joy while she was providing insights into the challenges militating against energy access in Nigeria.

To this end she said one of the cardinal solution is to remove politics from the power sector in a bid to bring about energy access in the country.

Here she called for apolitical mechanism whereby knowledgeable and experienced Nigerians across board should be assembled to provide workable solutions to ease up the bottlenecks in the power sector.

Dr Ogaji further urged the Nigerian Government to take cue from Moroccan Government successful paradigms which have enabled them to able to achieve 90% of their energy access.

In her last words to the generality of the Nigerian Consumers she urged them to be aware of their rights to pay electricity bills and ask for value it in return.