Paradigm Nigeria unveils new identity


Story by Love Anuforo

Paradigm Initiative Nigeria has launched its new identity as it moves from a national social enterprise to a Pan-African.

The Initiative, incorporated in 2008, is said to have started with capacity building program, thereafter, went into advocacy, digital right freedom forum.

Moreover, the Initiative’s major program, ‘Magoyi’, which means ‘Advocacy’, is adopted from Hausa- an indigenous Nigerian Language.

Paradigm initiative Nigeria’s executive Director, ‘Gbenga Sesan, on the zero-day of the just concluded 2017 Internet Freedom Forum (IFF), which 35 countries represented had a robust conversation about Africa, unveiled and announced their transition from national to Pan-African.

The Executive Director said that this transition is responsible for the removal of ‘Nigeria’ from their name. ‘Paradigm Initiative Nigeria’ is, therefore, now known as ‘Paradigm Initiative’. This change in identity is to reflect the on-going expansion of their work to other climes of Africa.

Olumide, the brain behind the new brand logo, explained what the new brand logo is about. He said part of the creative process and concept behind the change in the entire face of the Initiative’s logo, from all green to four different colours, is to show that this change has not only changed their name, but also the colour of their logo.

He said the thought is using the standard Pan-African colours which is Red, Yellow, green and Black. So these colours are incorporated into the Initiative’s logo, not only to depict its “Pan-Africanness”, but also to represent their major capacity building programs- the Magoyi (Advocacy) program, the LIFE program and the Techtiary program.

According to him, psychologically “the green in the logo represents serenity and freedom (online and offline) which is hinged on the Magoyi theme, the red representing the energy and passion to create a change which is a drive of their Techtiary program; the yellow representing youthfulness and affordability hinged on the LIFE program.

‘Gbenga Sesan also added that the Initiative, a social enterprise that builds an ICT- enabled support system, advocates digital rights in order to improve livelihoods for under-served youth; has different programs which help drive down its goals.

He also added that they are just out to fight and stop cybercrime, cyber-stalking; affirm the right of people to privacy and freedom online, but also to predict the future on what the internet should be about.

However, Paradigm Initiative concerns itself with digital inclusion programs such as the LIFE training program-LIFE an acronym for life skills, ICT, Financial Readiness Entrepreneurship and the Techtiary program Initiative’s digital Rights.   The Initiative’s director of programs, Tope Ogundipe, revealed that their going Pan-African in other words means that the Magoyi program will be expanding to Anglophone West Africa, Francophone West Africa, Central Africa as well as East & Southern Africa. The Initiative, also, intends to set up offices in Johannesburg in order to suit Africa.

The director of programs also added that they are entering space of expansion into Africa because the issues of ICT cut across nations, so it became very important for them to revise their structure, change their brand identity in order to extend their Magoyi program to the rest of other African nations.

LIFE, the pilot capacity building program which started in Ajegunle-Lagos, but now in Aba (a sub-city in Abia State) and Kano Nigeria, will also be extended to the whole of Africa, she assured.

Paradigm Initiative is also going into public senior secondary schools and it has already started with secondary schools in Abia state, she added.

The Magoyi program Manager, Boye Adegoke, added that the expansion work, to other regions of Africa, buys the Initiative the opportunity to lengthen the program (e.g. digital rights and freedom bills) to from Nigeria to Africa in general.

However, the Initiative has become an affiliate of the CDI Global Network.

CDI Global Network is a network committed to building a global movement of technology for social change, helping people to recode their lives, communities and the world at large.

CDI, through a network of digital empowerment centres, is working closely with its local partners to enhance their existing programs, generate new opportunities and strengthen the idea of using technology for social change.

The Global network’s digital empowerment centres are present in such countries as Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela), US and Europe (Portugal), presently Nigeria and by extension Africa.

Paradigm Initiative, therefore, revealed that being an affiliate of the CDI Global network has had a continued improvement on their worj as they strive to connect under-served youth with demand-driven ICT skills in Africa.

The social enterprise also stated that another of their programs. TENT, designed to foster technological entrepreneurship amongst students in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions, will now be known as ‘Techtiary program’. The change in the program’s title does not affect its core goals as all programmatic goals remain the same.

The Techtiary program currently has active clubs in Yaba College of Technology, Lagos state College of Health Technology, Nnamdi Aziiwe University (Unizik), Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) and Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA).

In line with this new identity, Paradigm Initiative is now sealed to make a greater impact across nations of Africa as this new face positions it to strengthen its work as well as amplify in Nigeria and Africa generally.