Oyo Assembly promise unify spirit among market association in the State


…Bill to be pass into law soon

Akinlabi Afolabi, Ibadan
The Oyo State House of Assembly, in line to maintain peace, has promised to bring unified spirit among the Market Association in the State as the house read the second reading of Oyo State Market Leaders’ Council Bill 2020.
Hon. Akintunde Olajide who represent the good people of Lagelu State Constituency who double as Chairman House Committee on Commerce and Cooperative, made this known while speaking on the importance of the bill on the Market people in the state as the current administration in Oyo state is keen in ensuring that all associations are part of its good governance.
Speaking on the purpose of the bill and why it will serve the people in a better way as the assembly is keen to eradicate issues battling with the association especially on the issue of Babaloja and Iyaloja of Oyo state and also give a new look to the market association.
He explained,
“In recent time, we have been having challenges over our traders and it has been an issues from a very long time, as we have been called on by the people to represent their interest in a better way so it is our responsibility to eradicate the situation in the market and the issue of babaloja or the hierarchy of the traders in the state.”
“Having statistically looked at the value of our people with over two million traders in the whole state, we can’t turn our back and overlook the situation so the bill is set to eradicate all the conflicts between all the markets, it will also empower the government to do the needful as it will give the power to the government to empower the people to have a trust in the government so that no one would be able to hijack the system and the bill is set to go a long way to certify both babaloja and mamaloja even at the federal level. The bill will give the market sense of responsibility that government is aware of their problem and will also serve as a unify revenue generation of the state.”
Thebill which will allow the establishment of offices of Babaloja and Iyaloja at each of the 7 geo-political zones in the state will bring the people both in urban and rural areas closer to the government which prompt rapid growth in development in the state.
Akintundeexplained that the assembly is aware of the issue concerning the leadership of market association in the state and the House is doing everything to avoid chaos and the bill is set to ring all fractions together in peace and harmony.
“The bill has already embedded everything, we have done the first and second reading of the bill, definitely the third reading will go through a public hearing and that will bring all the market people, Kings as well as security agencies under one umbrella to deliberate and there won’t be anyone left out in the discussion and this will definitely go a long way in the process of unifying the association and most especially bring all the associations together will put end to the crisis in the association.”
Akintundealso pointed that the bill will allow the people to choose their leader themselves without chaos and allow them to responsible for their action and destiny.
“It will give the people freedom and independent to choose their own destiny which will allow the government to play its role in ensuring that the association is enjoying the good governance under the administration Engr Seyi Makinde.”
In conclusion, he assured that the bill is ready to be pass into law in the state