Osun: Igala community pledges allegiance to Oyetola’s administration


By Abimbola Abatta, Osogbo

The Igala community of Osun has restated their commitment to the Oyetola-led administration. This was revealed at an engagement meeting with the Special Adviser to the Governor on Civic Engagement, Hon. Olatunbosun Oyintiloye at Okefia, Osogbo.

The Igala community through its leadership in the state, Chief Sabastine Amedu lauded Oyetola for his participatory governance through which all communities are embraced to have inputs and consequently, sense of belonging in the state.

He reiterated the community’s long-standing support for the progressive government while pledging continuous allegiance to Oyetola-led administration.

“Oyetola’s participatory governance has re-engineered our commitment to the progressive-leaning thereby behoving on us to unreservedly expend our massive strength to support him beyond 2022″, he added.

The Attah of Igala however, appealed to the government to reciprocate their supportive gesture with meaningful and value-laden benefits which Oyetola’s administration is known for.

While speaking, the special adviser noted that the interests of all non-indigenous communities in the state including Igala are of priority to the administration of Oyetola while emphasising that Oyetola sees non-indigenes as part of the responsibility of his government and would ensure their rights as entrenched in the constitution are protected at all times.

He equally assured them that the Oyetola-led administration would not indulge any form of tribal discrimination against them while allaying their fears.

“As a government, we strongly commit to democratic principles and norms in our civil relations as the assurance of that has necessitated the creation of civic engagement office as a democratic institution breeding a robust mechanism of the government-people interface which is the primary element of democracy.

“Our government is equally availed of the constitutional provision that all Nigerians irrespective of tribe reserve the right to reside, transact businesses and practise their religion anywhere without hindrance or interference insofar the culture and tradition of the aborigines are respected”, he added.

Oyintiloye however, urged them to be law-abiding and perform their civic duties while reiterating the commitment of his administration in ensuring a better state that works for all irrespective of class, religion, ethnicity and other social strata.