Osun govt. to promote Yoruba Language


…As culture commissioner pledges collaboration with Egbeje Ede

By Abimbola Abatta

Osun Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Dr Obawale Adebisi has pledged government collaboration with “Egbeje Ede” to promote, protect, and revive Yoruba Language from possible extinction.

Dr Obawale asserted this in Osogbo during a courtesy visit paid him by “Egbeje Ede” who are into the invention of “Opon Egbeje Ede” (Thousands of Dialect Plate) which is meant for teaching Yoruba culture, dialects and capable of reviving the history from extinction.

He commended them for the discovery of “Egbeje Ede” noting that through it, all the forgotten Yoruba histories, past heroes will be remembered for the part they have taken in the history of Yoruba race.

The Commissioner opined that the innovation will assist young children if applied in both primary and secondary schools adding that the State Government of Osun would like to collaborate with the team by sponsoring youths in training on how to make the “Opon Egbeje Ede” (Thousands of Dialect Plate) stating that it is capable of providing job opportunity for the youths in the State.

While speaking, the leader of Egbeje Ede,  Adetola Balogun stated that Egbeje Ede is a device or tool which could be used to teach the Yoruba language in schools and homes and it is also a game.         He further disclosed that there are thousands of dialects in Yoruba land and Yoruba must be seen as one.

Adetola also maintained that Yoruba Culture is going into extinction due to civilisation which should not be so.

He further said that Egbeje Ede contains some features of resources in Yoruba lands such as tourism sites, Osun Osogbo festival, Olojo festival, Eyo in Lagos, Ogun, Sango among others which people from across the globe would like to visit thereby promoting tourism in Osun and the entire Yoruba land.