Osun APC condemns Gov Adeleke’s desperation to retain power beyond 2026

The Osun State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has strongly condemned Governor Ademola Adeleke’s desperation to retain power beyond 2026, despite his perceived poor handling of the state’s governance.

According to the party’s chairman Sooko Tajudeen Lawal in a statement on Tuesday, Governor Adeleke’s attempts to coerce various groups into declaring support for his administration are unacceptable.

The APC stated that the governor’s actions are a result of his lack of depth and political management skills, which have led to his poor performance in office.

The party alleged that Governor Adeleke has exhibited indolence, inefficiency, vindictiveness, favoritism, and vendetta, which have left the people of Osun State disillusioned.

The APC’s Director of Media and Information, Chief Kola Olabisi, stated that reliable sources have revealed that Governor Adeleke and his cohorts are using coercive means to force groups to declare support for his administration, despite his unpopularity.

The party urged the people of Osun State to resist Governor Adeleke’s attempts to manipulate them and instead demand good governance and effective leadership.

The statement reads partly, “It was learnt that Adeleke has now resorted to forcing commercial motorcycle and tricycle riders in the state to swear to the oath of continuous support for the PDP in all the future elections in the state with the god of iron called ‘Ogun’ in Yoruba parlance.

“It was also gathered that words have been passed round from the state capital level of the transportation unions that the secret oath-taking of the compulsory allegiance should be held in all the units of the unions across the nooks and crannies of the state.

“Governor Adeleke and his co-travellers have also been going round the state to woo back the real owners of the PDP in the state that they chased back with cudgels, cutlasses, abuses and lack of political patronage immediately Adeleke was announced the winner of the governorship election by the Supreme Court.”

The Osun State APC chairman pungently told Governor Adeleke that it was too late in the day for him to engage in fruitless mission of enlisting the support of the leaders and members of his party that he had shown ingratitude to when he was declared the winner of the controversial election in the state.

Lawal asked Adeleke if he thinks it is pretty possible to fool anyone who is not thinking with his feet successively, adding that if the governor could brazenly show such an unacceptable and irritating level of ingratitude during his first term in the office, he would do worst things if he should be helped for another tenure.

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