OSARA FESTIVAL 2017: OONI cautions against blacklisting Yoruba cultural heritage


The Ooni of IIfe, His Imperial Majesty Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi(Ojaja II) has cautioned against blacklisting the African cultural heritage saying the culture and traditions of the African people especially Yoruba race remain the best in the world

The Africa’s topmost monarch gave the warning yesterday during the celebration of Osara annual festival, in Ile-Ife. He frowned at the ignorance of those who mistake cultural celebration for idol worshipping, saying that it’s only a way of is edifying  God, for all rituals go to the Almighty God who remains the only God of gods.

According to him, Ile-Ife is a land of mysteries which should adequately acknowledged, saying that is why these festivals are being rejuvenated and showcased to the world in appreciation the goodness  of God with a view to profitably enhancing the continent’s socio-economic development through tourism.

The royal father explained that one essential thing God created for human sustainability is water, saying that OSARA was a deity that has relevance with Lagoon in Lagos state. He reaffirmed that water is an indispensable companion needed by everyone to function as a human being.

According to him, Osara is called “OSA” in Lagos which is known as Lagoon with it’s source at Ile-Ife, the cradle of Yoruba, stating that whatever happens inside Osara river in Ile-Ife will reflect in the Lagoon and it will be notified from the source.

He therefore called on all and sundry to cherish the  culture, tradition and heritage inherited​ from our ancestors for the benefit of mankind and other generations coming.

Also, the Custodian of Osara, Chief Priest Isola Osunwusi, stated that Osara was the mother of Yoruba race, who gave birth to Okanbi and Okanbi gave birth to seven children.

Osunwusi added that the seven children were the linage of Yoruba,called on Yoruba’s to count on what they have and value them effectively.

Meanwhile, Mrs Phoenix Savage, the Yeye Olomo Osarawho came from  Missisipi, USA lauded Ooni Ogunwusi for promoting Yoruba tradition and cultural heritage.

“I came to Ile-Ife for Osara festival from Mississippi in America so as to play my role as Chief Priest in US. I urge all to support the efforts of Oba Ogunwusi in promoting the Yoruba culture”. Phoenix Savage said.

Osara is one of the Yoruba’s 401 deities sent by the Almighty Olodumare(GOD) to manage the earth. While Oduduwa, Oranfe Onileina(SANGO), Ogun Ifa Orunmila and Olokun are in charge of prayer, fire/thunder, iron, oracle and Sea/ocean respectively, Osara was in charge and remains the goddess of lagoon globally.