Operation HADARIN DAJI: Air Component takes out another armed bandits’ camp in Katsina state


The Air Component of Operation HADARIN DAJI has taken out another armed bandits’ camp and neutralized some of their fighters at a location near Ungwar Ali-Kere in Katsina State.

This was achieved through air strikes executed on Tuesday, 13 October 2020, on the heels of credible Human Intelligence reports and confirmatory surveillance missions indicating that dozens of armed bandits had established a camp at the location.

Accordingly, the Air Component dispatched an appropriate force package of Nigerian Air Force (NAF) fighter jets and helicopter gunships, which engaged the location in successive passes, destroying portions of the camp and neutralizing some of the bandits.

The Armed Forces of Nigeria, in furtherance of its objective of restoring peace and security in the North West of the Country, has promised to sustain the offensive against all enemies of the Nation