Only forensic research can tackle corruption effectively — AFAR


By Ibiyemi Mathew

The Association of Forensic Accounting Researchers (AFAR), a research and professional body has developed new mechanism for  tackling loss of revenue by African countries to fraudulent acts annually.

President, AFAR Dr Godwin E. Oyedokun in an exclusive interview with Nigerian NewsDirect said the issue of financial crimes will continue to be a menace until individuals and organizations tackle  financial crimes with undertaking forensic investigations. He noted that  fraudulent activities cannot be eliminated without deep forensic research and will continue to worsen if not properly tackled. “To eradicate fraudulent activities, the vision  of AFAR  is to inspire and enable a better world through collaboration, education,professionalism and promotion of forensic accounting to help the science and practice of forensic accounting,” he noted.

A research by United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) revealed that African continent lost  $148 billion annually to various fraudulent activities which represents 25 per cent of the total Gross Gross Domestic Product ( GDP) of the continent. This shows a great deal of what the continent is losing to financial crimes.

Addressing this issue by AFAR as part of its activities, Dr Oyedokun explained that the association  regularly conducts academic and professional seminars, workshops, training, conferences, and round-table discussion on Forensic Accounting. These are programmes where participants and resource persons meet  to discuss these issues  so as to promote forensic education among the populace.” Our members are reliable scholars and professionals of good reputed,” he assured.

The core value of AFAR  according to the President include collaboration, collective action, diversity, excellence, equality, integrity and professionalism.Talking about the focus on collaboration. He disclosed that the association believes that goals can be achieved by working with all international groups to ensure quality forensic education research and practice.” In sustenance of excellence by members of AFAR, we challenge ourselves to the highest level of learning and performance tapping for best of the human spirit to create global impact,” he noted

He added that  it is in the culture of AFAR to ensure collective action with research integrity, excellence equality, collaboration towards integrity and professionalism visa via accuracy in forensic research outcome. Besides, he said  that the association also focus on  research efforts that promote fraud prevention, detection and deterrence.

In recognition of milestones recorded by AFAR, the Vice chancellor of LeadCity Univeristy, Professor Aderemi Kabiru Adeyemo called on corporate organizations to join the association to boost forensic knowledge of their staffs and eliminate corrupt practices.

The principles of AFAR as listed by the Chairman, AFAR Governing Council,  Professor Muhammad Akaro MAINOMA who is also the immediate Vice Chancellor of Nasarawa State University are: gathering evidence through research and practice to proof and disproof facts in issue; ongoing efforts in eliminating ‘Opportunities’ exist for fraudulent activities by continually engaging in forensic research; diligent in researching and practice of forensic accounting and Fraud investigation; winning corruption and ANTI-fraud battles with unbiased research and professional efforts; independent of opinion with high integrity and sense of purpose; networking of members for effective forensic research and advocacy for national development.

The Chairman gave the assurance that AFAR membership is open to individuals of all job functions and levels of experience who are interested in the carrying out forensic research and practice.