Onigbinde urges NFF to pay Rohr


Former Nigeria coach, Adegboye Onigbinde, has urged  the Nigeria Football Federation to pay  Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr, his salary.

The  NFF is reportedly owing  Rohr three months’ salary. Onigbinde, who spoke with our correspondent on the telephone on Monday, lamented the development.

“A contract is a contract, no matter who it is signed with. Contracts are signed to be honoured and the federation should do their part of the contract signed with the coach,” the former Shooting Stars coach said.


“They should do all that they agreed to do for the coach since he is also doing his part of the contract. If they cannot honour it (paying the  German coach his salary) they know what next to do.”


Onigbinde  said the country  could have avoided the embarrassment of owing a foreign coach if  the authorities believed in   Nigerian  coaches.


He said, “The problem with Nigerians,   particularly our football administrators,  is that they think that anything that is white is superior to  black, which is not always so. In terms of quality, some of these foreigners are not as good as some of our coaches at home.


“We should  re-educate our  coaches to get the best out of them. There was  a time in this country when a white man who had nothing to do with football was brought in to coach the national team. The man was a hotelier in his homeland but he came to Nigeria – and  because he is white, he was put in charge of the national team. After his sojourn here, he failed in the other countries he went to.”


The coach, who led the Eagles to the Korea/Japan  2002 World Cup, added, “Our  coaches are good to be owed salaries for as long as possible and they dare not complain about it openly but the white men can’t be owed. When anything concerns the foreigners, the federation attends to it as quickly as possible. But the same isn’t the case with a Nigerian  coach. The disparity in the treatment of Nigerian and foreign coaches is much.”


Onigbinde  said the death of former  Eagles coach, Paul Hamilton, was  a big loss to the country.