Ogun traditionalists organise 2016 Iwure for the state’s 40-year anniversary


By Sofolahan Sola

Cultural and traditional religion worshippers association of Nigeria Ogun State Chapter has offered special prayers Iwure 2016 for Nigeria and Ogun State at large.

This year’s special prayers (Iwure) by various traditionalists in Ogun State has set a new record in all various ramifications.

It was a colourful celebration of culture and tradition in Abeokuta, Ogun State, which comprises all the traditionalists in Ogun State, they are, Eegun (masquerade), Ode (Hunters), Onisegun, Olorisa, Onisango, Onifa, Olosun, Elerinle, Olobaluaye, Alaragbo, Olobatala, Aje, Ogun, Esu, Atinga, Olokun, Oniyemoja, Alagbede, Agbasaga, Igunuko, Gelede, Oobo, Akogun, Alagbo, Ogboni etc.

The Iwure was held at Oriomi, Ita Iyalode, Sokori roundabout, Abeokuta, on January 24, 2016.

According to the host, Oba Ifarotimi Balogun Ayinla Adifagbola, who was recently crowned Oba Isese of Egbaland. Adifagbola Adifagbola said the significance of the celebration is to foster unity among all the various traditionalists and to also to promote Yoruba cultural heritage.

In the state come together to offer a special prayer for peace and harmony in Nigeria and Ogun state, a special prayer was also held for the executive governor of Ogun state Senator Ibikunle Amosun.

Traditionalists came out in thousands from the various nooks and crannies of the state. They danced, sung, rejoiced and celeb rated with the Oba Adifagbola, they came out to show their solidarity and support for the new king of Isese of Egbaland, the festival was very successful beyond anyone could imagined.

Notable among the traditionalist that grace the colourful festival are chief host, Oba Asa Isese Agbaye, HRM Oba Asagbemi Temiadara Ariwajoye, Oba Isese of Egbaland, HRM Oba Ifarotime Balogun Adifagbola as host, Chief Mrs Ajetoke Oyekan, Oluwo Aje, Oluawo 1, Origbemileke Dn Benin Republic.

In his short speech, Oba Adifagbola gave glory to Olodumare who made it possible for the event to hold, he thanked everyone that has contributed to the success.