Ogun 2023, Yewaland and political merchants


By Olabisi Adedamola

As the 2023 general election is only a month away, it is not necessarily news that the public space is witnessing a resurgence of vitriol against the person and office of the Governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun.

If the Governor recently selected by Forbes Magazine as the winner of the 2022 Forbes Best of Africa Governor in Industrial Revolution has been endorsed by traditional rulers and leaders of thought from all sections of the state following his strides in the last four years, such a move necessarily has to attract responses, however banal, from those angling for his office purely for the glamour and not for the responsibilities attached.

Riding on the waves of the agitation for a Governor of Yewa origin but actually intent on the extraction of largesse from the sitting government, a gang of political merchants have been bombarding town with distorted histories and gobbledygook all in a bid to hoodwink the people of Ogun West to shelve their resolve to have one of their own as Governor after Governor Abiodun’s richly deserved second term of office.

It is axiomatic that for the next phase of his project to come to fruition, he needs another term of office. Ogun, one must say again, cannot experiment with political discord. It is clear that with different assemblies and executive cabinet, there will be crisis and the temperature will be high. Yewaland definitely will produce a Governor, but it does not need the antics of political stock traders to actualize this.

The emergency historians pushing a nebulous Yewa agenda that is completely disconnected from the resolve of the people of the zone are not writing their junk for love of the land: their aim is filthy lucre, and they are being exposed even in the court of law. They work against the interests of Yewa while supposedly campaigning for Yewa.

Happily, the records of proceedings in court have shown the duplicity of the so-called Yewa advocates who are APC in the morning, PDP in the afternoon and ADC at night. They are people without the slightest shred of integrity. For them, it is that time of the year in which to cash out while singing populist tunes. The pages of history are full of such mendacious, depraved individuals.

Chief of this ilk is Professor Yemi Oke, a lawyer who litters the media space with write-ups that appear to agitate for Ogun 2023, Yewaland and political merchants.