Obi never said: No serious leader will go on rest – media aide

THE Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi never said that ‘ No serious leader will go on rest’ being ascribed to him by a section of the media.

Valentine Obienyem, media assistant to Peter Obi, made this known on Tuesday, April 25.

According to Obienyem, “After the LP candidate’s felicitation with the Muslim community in Awka, Anambra state Capital on Monday, as part of the Eid-el-fitr festivities at the Central Mosque, Obi was interviewed by some journalists who wanted to know why he continued to do things like this even when he is no longer in office and he said “For me, politics is not about the office; it’s about helping to get a better society. If you are in politics because of office, it’s wrong. Politics is about the good of the society. As I am living here, I am going to the hospital to support people in the hospital. That’s what politics is about.

“When the reporter wondered why he is not on holiday like his colleagues In the Presidential race who went to rest, Obi responded thus, “Well, those who need rest should have rest. Those of us who don’t need rest should continue to work”

“One wonders therefore where the reporter got his quote above or is part of making sure that the former Anambra state Governor is dragged into every controversy to distract attention and remove his focus on the issue and on the mission of rescuing Nigeria.

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