Obasanjo says Nigerians are more poorer, impoverished under APC


Bankole Taiwo, Abeokuta.

…  as CNM adopts ADC as political party

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has insisted that Nigerians are more poorer and impoverished under the ruling government of All Progressives Congress, APC with the country foreign debt jumping from $3.6bn dollars to $18bn within three years of its administration and which is to be paid back by both present and future generations of the country.

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo made this revealation while addressing the press at his presidential library yesterday at Abeokuta over the fusion of his promoted mass movement, Coalition for Nigeria Movement, CNM into a political party, African Democratic Congress, ADC.

The former President explained that the country was more divided than ever before because the present government has continued to play up ethnic and religious cards and thereby making the country insecure and unsafe for everybody.

He added that rather than repenting of its ineptitude, tribalism, misgovernance among others the APC administration has remain unrepentant, gloating in its failure with all arrogance and thus taking Nigerians for fools. Chief Obasanjo disclosed further that though PDP seems to have realised its mistakes of the past with its evolution in the last eight years but it has not been able to win back confidence of well meaning Nigerians who wanted a new Nigeria in the hands of God that would develop leadership that would pursue good governance, integrity, unity, good neighbourliness among others.

He revealed that PDP had although apologised for its misgovernance of the past but was yet to discipline some of its members who soiled their fingers and contributed to ruining the nation saying that Nigerians might have forgiven the party but certainly would not forget so as not to allow the mistakes of the past to repeat itself.

The former President explained further that in as much as APC and PDP were no longer credible parties that could take the country to the promised land or bring about desirable change, Nigerians should embrace ADC for a new dawn under which everybody would be proud to be a citizen of the country.

Obasanjo said that ” though, PDP and APC are not actually made of men and women who are totally evil.  There are sprinkles of good men and women out there and among them.  But as political parties and the government they led or they are leading in the last eleven years, they have failed and failure should neither be hoisted for embracement nor reinforced.  What must be done is to take what is best from all to come together on a new alliance platform that will take us to the promised land.  There must be basic and fundamental ground for change and for people to change.  What is not desirable is to take the leprous hand of either PDP or APC as the instrument to clean Nigeria up.  The clean fingers in either of them can and must be grafted to the clean hands of new entrants and participants to move up and move on and that is what I understand the reinvigorated party platform is all about – change, new order and progress”.

He explained that “ADC, as I understand it, is neither based on the immediate past, condemnable records of PDP as a ruling party in Nigeria nor on the present disastrous and distabilising performance of APC.  It is a new platform and a new page in our political history”.

He declared that the new party, ADC would encourage youth participation in governance as 30% youths of under 40 and 30% of women would be allowed to hold various posts in the party.

The former President however maintained his stance that he had since 2014 quited partisan politics and would therefore never be involved in the politics of the new party but would remain elder statesman who would always lend his voice to issues affecting the country and Africa as a whole.