NSE reiterates commitment to remain investors toast for fixed income market


In line with its commitment to further enhance the capacity of capital market players across available asset classes, The Nigerian Stock Exchange hosted a two-day webinar on fixed income recently.

The webinar – which was held in partnership with the Debt Management Office (DMO) and CSL Stockbrokers – focused on the dealing member firms, and members of the investing public.

Speaking at webinar, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), NSE, Mr. Oscar Onyema, stated, “The Exchange continues to be the foremost platform creating new types of debt instruments in Nigeria with a market capitalization of about N16.4trillon.

“By offering capital raising opportunities and secondary trading to all classes of issuers including Sovereign, Subnational, Corporates and Supra-national bonds, The Exchange facilitates the interaction between borrowers and lenders in Nigeria driving efficient allocation of capital.

“With fixed income markets representing one of the largest subset of global financial markets, NSE reiterates its commitment committed to providing a hybrid market for dealers as well as institutional and retail investors to continue to access increased liquidity in fixed income securities.”

On her part, the Director General, DMO, Ms. Patience Oniha expressed delight to partner with NSE on the webinar and went on to say, “While we have always had the money market & the capital market, the fixed income market has also grown to become active today with capital raising from government, corporates & multilaterals.

“This shows that our market is capable of attracting both domestic & international players for the overall good of the economy. In meeting our objectives to finance the budget & deepen capital market activity, we remain committed to using the fixed income platform to support various aspects of the economy.

“We will also remain responsive to investors’ needs for portfolio diversification by expanding our fixed income market with more sophisticated debt instruments.”

The webinar also featured a presentation from Equity Analyst, CSL Stockbrokers, Olakayode Olayemi who took participants through the fundamentals of fixed income trading, highlighting both the primary and secondary market activities, as well as the investment opportunities and benefits available for investors in the NSE debt market.

The session was quite engaging with participants engaging actively with The Exchange, DMO and CSL on practical ways to properly navigate the fixed income market.