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NIPOST reforms to new innovative services

In a bid to revive the moribund postal Industry, Postmaster General of the federation/CEO, Nigeria Postal Services (NIPOST), Toa Odeyemi has revealed new services provided by NIPOST for all.

The newly appointed Postmaster at the NIPOST special day in the just concluded Lagos International Trade Fair (LITF) identified the theme of this year’s event “Connecting Businesses, Creating Value,” saying that it mirrors the vision of the postal services perfectly.

He expressed, ‘It underscores Our Commitment to strategically position the Nigerian Postal Service as a vital player in the lives of every Nigerian as well as the entrepreneurial ecosystem of our dear nation in an ever-evolving world, our mission is to explore innovative ways of forging partnerships and building strategic and enduring relationships. This necessitates looking beyond the confines of our individual organisations and working collaboratively to create new opportunities. The Lagos Intemational Trade Fair serves as an excellent platform for such collaboration.

‘Through strategic partnerships with sister MDAs and the organised private sector, we can offer Nigerians pioneering solutions that cater to their dynamic needs. Collaboration, as we all know, is the essence of success in today’s rapidly changing business landscape and NIPOST Is fully committed to contributing to and being a part of this collective success. Our commitment to building these partnerships goes hand ilpand with our commitment to upholding social responsibility. It is essential that we conduct our business in a manner that contributes positively to our environment, local communities, and society as a whole. The bedrock of connecting businesses and creating value is trust’, he added.

According to the general, trust is what forms the foundation of robust partnerships and is central to maintaining a sustainable business model. He explained that It is trust that underpins NIPOST’s operations, enabling them to work in harmony to achieve shared goals. ‘The postal service’, he said, ‘plays a central role In connecting businesses and creating value. it offers a reliable and cost-effective means of transmitting essential documents, goods, e-commerce items, mail, and other businessrelated materials. It serves as the bridge that enables businesses to connect with their customers, suppliers, partners, and in the process, create value by delivering goods and services efficiently and affordably.

‘Today, in the digital age, customers have the privilege of ordering items from anywhere In the world, right from the comfort of their homes or offices, and having these items delivered to their preferred destinations using our postal system. The postal service Is, therefore, a powerful catalyst for economic and social development, opening new avenues and efficiencies for businesses and individuals alike. Our commitment to evolving and adapting Is evident in the range of services we offer, including Address Verification, the Digital Postcode System, Mail delivery, and most significantly, financial services.

He enumerated, that these services are integral components of NIPOST’S transformation journey as they strive to meet the ever-evolving needs of the public and a 1gn themselves with the demands of a rapidly changing world

‘In recent years, we have diligently worked on the foundations upon which the “NEW NIPOST” will stand. We assure you that it Is far more prudent to lay the groundwork for sustainable growth today than to pursue makeshift solutions that garner only temporary accolades. We remain unwavering in our commitment to building an organization that can withstand the test of time.

He appreciated the Lagos State Government, under the leadership of Mr Governor, Mr Babajide Olusola Sanwo Olu, for the unwavering support in sustaining this vital business forum and the State Government’s dedication to providing African businesses with a platform to showcase their brands, he said ‘is commendable. Their commitment to economic development is evident, and it resonates deeply with our vision of connecting businesses and creating value.

The General remarked, ‘Your support continuously Inspires us to maintain the modest successes we have achieved over the years. We place a high value on connecting businesses, as it reminds us of our essential responsibilities.

‘As we collectively embark on this journey to continue to be the leading postal agency globally, it is through innovative solutions, strategic partnerships, and the dedication of our human capital that we will redefine the Nigerian Postal Service for the modern age. Together, we will build a NIPOST that Nigerians can trust—a NIPOST that connects Nigerians irrespective of what they do’, he affirmed.

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