Nigerian protestors unite to distribute funds for #EndSARS protesters

#EndSARS protesters

By Ibiyemi Mathew

Nigerian protestors Dahunsi Oluwafemi and Ifeoluwa Alaba have announced a partnership with Adam Bradford to launch an emergency fund aimed at distributing airtime and cash to #EndSARS protesters in Nigeria.

Dahunsi in a tweet via his Twitter handle said: “I’m working with @Entre_Adam and Ifeoluwa Alaba to distribute funds/data to protesters.”

“The aim is to make funding accessible to protesters, we are fully aware that there is on ground funding. But the approach is to ensure fast and accessible funding.”

Dahunsi further revealed that “as at 11pm, October 16th, 2020. We have about 125,730.00 Nigerian Naira and we await more, we would begin distribution as soon as possible also.”

“We are open to partnering with individuals and organizations for this fund”.

Dahunsi added that a one on one interface approach will be imployed in disbursing the funds and data to people.

Adam disclosed that the funds will be topped up on GoFundMe.

Adam Bradford also urged #EndSARS protesters to be united in the fight for the change they wish to see.

In a statement made available to Nigerian NewsDirect, Adam said: “it pains me immensely that in this time of destruction the need to unite and productively lean on each other has been used as an opportunity for malicious, targeted attacks.”

“Online and offline. Think about the mental health of who you are talking to. The world is already suffering the biggest pandemic in recent history, we do not need a pandemic of deplorable Twitter fiends in the process.”

“I’ve seen friends, change makers and activists ripped to shreds on the streets, then the very same repeated online. This is not progress and nor is it change.”

Adam also called for the intervention of the international community to assist in the #EndSARS protests.

According to him, “the international community is a laughing stock in this case for sitting back and sheepishly gasping at what to it should not be such a shock.”

“I’ll be using my voice to ensure friends and colleagues in Nigeria get support and that these protests do not end in vain. This is the time for generational change – say what you want, but these words were crafted with meaning. Stay strong.”

“Why should I care? Firstly, we are one human race. Africa, in particular Nigeria, is the heart of the world’s youth and if we cannot serve the biggest population well then nobody can be served at all. We may as well just give up.”

“I will lay my heart on the line for young people who have a need to fight for what is right in their lives. #EndSARS is now more than a hashtag, it’s a rallying cry and a movement which should strike positive change for generations to come.”

“Everyone should embody humanity and humility towards others, especially in a time of crisis. Rhetoric from legislators will not sufficiently heal the wounds which stem from systemic irregularities, inadequate governance and a total write off of young people,”he said.

Individuals who are interested in donating and having access to the #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria Support Care Kit can request for funding via: and also donate via:


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