Nigerian content: NCDMB rejects 1,494 expatriate quota applications


As part of its efforts to create employment and growth opportunities for Nigerians in the oil and gas industry, the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) have rejected 1,494 expatriate quota applications between 2016 and 2018.

A document obtained from the Ministry of Petroleum Resources on Wednesday revealed that the Board had also approved 2,584 expatriate quota applications. The document indicated that the approval was granted after the requesting companies completing the application process and confirmed to the NCDMB that the requested positions were strictly for highly skilled positions, for which Nigerians lacked the required capacities currently. According to the document, the Board also ensures that expatriate positions would be filled by Nigerians after a specified period during which understudies would have been groomed sufficiently by the expatriates.

Further data from the FMPR on the authorizations and certifications done by the NCDMB during the review period showed that the Board carried out biometric capture of 1,396 expatriates working in the oil and gas industry within the two-year period.

Since the enactment of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Development (NOGICD) Act in 2010, the Ministry of Petroleum Resources through the NCDMB has been pushing for the creation of job opportunities for Nigerian skilled professionals as against the dominance of foreigners at the detriment of locals.

In furtherance of this aspiration, the NCDMB had in October 2018 inaugurated a committee that was made up of its personnel and representatives of the Federal Ministry of Interior and the Nigeria Immigration Service with the intent to forge close collaborations in the management of expatriate quota and to grow Nigerian participation in the oil and gas industry sustainably.

The committee, which was inaugurated at the NCDMB Abuja liaison office, was to share information and recommend sanction levels for violators of expatriate quota approvals.

Part of the committee’s terms of reference was also to develop strategies for the issuance of Temporary Work Permit and stemming of EQ abuse by oil and gas companies.

Additional information from the FMPR on Tuesday showed that the NCDMB issued 939 Nigerian Content Equipment Certificate and 116 Nigerian Content Compliance Certificate during the review period.