Nigeria a failed state, nearly sixty years after, says varsity don


Nosa Akenzua, Asaba

A university Don, Professor Benson Imeagwu Ijomah has expressed concern over the declining situation of Nigeria, describing it as a failed state nearly sixty years after of her Independence.

Professor Benson Imeagwu Ijomah, Professor of Political Sociology and Founder of the South South People’s Conference (SSPC), spoke to group of Journalists in Asaba on Sunday, stressed that the hegemonic tendencies singularly exhibited by a particular region was antithetical to the spirit of true federalism, adding that” Nigeria is a failed state and we must tell ourselves the truth, I am a scholarship,I am not looking for any Political appointment and so I speak the truth as it is, the clinging to power by the Northerners is the bane of everything we are doing”

The Octogenarian Professor who faulted all elections in Nigeria since the second republic, noted that there had been rigging although, adding that the master riggers rigged to suit minority interest.

He said” when I spoke in 1984 at the University of Adan, I warned that this country as presently constituted can never conduct a credible election and all elections since that time have all been rigged, written and not reflective of the will of the majority of the electorates”

While calling on cooperate organizations and privileged individuals to partners with scholars and researchers in addressing the Challenges of the country, Professor Ijeomah decried the humongous salaries of Politicians, who in his words,” do not produce anything”, adding” industrialization requires accumulation of capital, the money we should accumulate to build a better Nigeria,we use it to pay salaries to senators who do not contribute anything, where then will we get money for development, considering their Jumbo salaries”


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