Need to check violence during elections in Nigeria 

Democracy is the preferred system of government all over the world because it provides the people an opportunity to elect the leaders of their choice.

Democracy is about freedom of choice , and that choice must be made by the people in an atmosphere devoid of violence,  intimidation and harassment.

This is why I strongly condemn the violence during elections generally in Nigeria, especially during the recent governorship polls in Bayelsa and Kogi states.

Humanity is diminished when innocent lives are lost before  during and after elections.

Democracy and violence have nothing in common.

Desperate politicians who want to win elections at all cost arm unemployed youth to cause mayhem while their own children are safely kept abroad.

I believe that any politician who has the intention to render service to the people will not kill the same people to get to power.

It is rather unfortunate that no single individual has been prosecuted for electoral violence since nineteen ninety nine, and this has given the perpetrators the boldness to continue the evil act.

This is why government must revisit the recommendation of the Justice Uwais Electoral Reform Panel on the establishment of an Electoral Offences Commission to prosecute perpetrators of violence during elections.

I also believe that the introduction of electronic voting system will drastically reduce violence during our elections.

Elections in Nigeria must be devoid of violence and the people must exercise their franchise in an atmosphere of peace.

  • Nigeria should send a clear message to the international community that it is ready to sustain and deepen democracy by conducting violence -free elections.
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