Need for trechnocrats in cabinet


The scorecard of President Muhammadu Buhari in his first term in office is to say the least, not encouraging in all ramifications neither his lack-lustre performance cheering to the citizens of this country, no thanks to the calibre of people he appointed as ministers.

It is no gainsaying the fact that the country’s economy is in a shambles worsening by the day. The citizens no longer enjoy the so-called dividend of democracy neither can they afford one or two square meals not to talk of three daily. These are the fall-out of the calibre of the President’s ministers wherein square pegs are put in round holes. It is a case of finding jobs for the boys or party faithful.

Every policy of the government rarely comes to fruition in implementation; it is all promises, promises everyday; nothing is moving in the country. The current crop of ministers and by extension the President have failed the country. There is no concrete development plan in place; everything is done haphazardly without vision or purpose.

Our cardinal example is the Power, Housing and works Ministry headed by somebody without electrical engineering knowledge. Little wonder the ministry is wobbling and fumbling everytime. The Minister, Raji Fashola keeps feeding Nigerians with desktop policies and postulations whose resultant effect is blackout in almost every part of the country. How can a human being perform optimally in THREE strategic ministries of the country? The issue of escalating bills had been on for quite a very long time where citizens are made to pay for light not supplied. Pre-paid meter supply had also been on for a very long time not forgetting the number of industries that have shut down due to non-availability of power. The economy is virtually in coma nationwide. Small and medium enterprises are not eqally finding it easy to operate.

Nearly all the ministries are equally guilty of this lack-lustre performance; it is a case of motion without moving. The President had had occasions to asure Nigerians of revamping the conomy, but we ask him is it possible with the present crop of his minsiters? Now that the country had been ranked the sixth poverty-stricken country in the world.

All the newspapers in the country had insinuated long time ago that the President was about to rest some of his ministers. Nigerians were full of joy then but as the adage says, there is an atom of truth in a rumour, but the President unexpectedly changed his mind.

Now that the President has secured a seconed time in office, this is an opprtune time to evaluate his performance, revamping the economy  inside out with approprate appointments to ministries and parastatals coupled with his resilient fight against corruption and herdsmen/farmers clashes not forgetting embezzlement of funds in high places.

This time around, the President should give Nigerians technocrats as ministers and senior officials in ministries and parastatals: then there should be “no more work for the boys” or party faithful or ethnic jingoism. Several times the Presidency had been accused of interfering in the judiciary’s daily affairs coupled with the President not obeying court orders. A stop should be put to this to uplift the doctrine of the rule of law in all government activities.

President Muhammadu Buhari should henceforth re-energize his onslaught against the virulent and ferocious Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen who had been terrorising the country for ten long years not forgetting to overhaul the entire security of the nation by changing his current service chiefs which Nigerians had clamoured for too long. The security outfit must be well kitted and funded adequately at all time bearing in mind to rejig his fight against Nigeria’s most consistent cankerworm – corruption – which had dented the country’s image considerably.

These are, in our own opinion, urgently should be his priorities in his next coming as President. He should not succumb to ill advice and distractive attractions from whatever quarters and henceforth stop his tribalistic proclivity to very important issues of state governance and also not allow matters to fester for long before taking urgent and concrete decisions on them to prevent them from degenerating into uncontrollable wildfire that could consume the whole nation inadvertently.

We wish him good luck in his second sojourn in Aso Rock.