NCC passionate about research, development – Danbatta

By Ogaga Ariemu
The Executive Vice-chairman (EVC)/Chief Executive of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Prof. Umar Danbatta, has reiterated the commission’s commitments to research and development amongst tertiary, secondary schools across the country.
Danbatta, who was represented by the Director of Public Affairs of the NCC, Dr. Ikechukwu Adinde, disclosed this at a book launch, on recently in Abuja.
The book titled “Nuggets of Dazzlespiration” was written by Mr. Ikechukwu Izuora.
Accordingly Danbatta said that the commission had over the years supported intellectual work through various intervention projects in tertiary institutions and secondary schools across the country.
“The NCC has an inclination of supporting research. I have the passion for research and development. Over the years the commission has supported intellectual work by providing support through various intervention projects in tertiary institutions across the country.
“We have a book donation project to support learning and teaching in schools at the tertiary level and at the secondary school levels.
“This is something that is ongoing and it underscore the fact that the way a country develops, it has a pool of knowledgeable people and the knowledge can only come when people are encouraged to read across all disciplines.
“The NCC’s book project is one of those projects by which they support academic work and encourage reading of books across secondary schools and tertiary institutions across the country,” he said.
He described authorship as an intellectual exercise that brings creativity, arts, passion, knowledge and experience in writing, adding that it was not just a book but a lexicon.
He commended the author of the book andncouraged him to continue his journey of authorship by producing more inspirational books going forward.
“The authorship of a book is an intellectual exercise, it brings together creativity, arts, passion, knowledge and experience in writing a book.
“It is an exercise in mental process to explore a world of a subject matter of interest to the author which he believes will appeal to the audience and in this particular instance, this is not just a book, it is a book of inspiration.
“The nuggets of dazzlespiration as a matter of fact is introducing a new word to the lexicon. The word dazzlespiration is not a word that we all know as a normal word but i think it is a word that will find relevance especially when you read the content of this book.
“It is so rich in philosophy, it is so rich in values, it is so rich in inspirations and reflections and we must give kudos to the author for finding time to do such a very creative piece of writing and I think it is something that is commendable.
“I believe that for a lot of the young people who participated in today’s book lunch will also find inspiration to imbibe the act of reading books and the of course get the inspiration of writing books,” Danbatta said.
Mr Ikechukwu Izuora, the author of the book, said that the book had correlations with good governance and leadership style that would make the desired impact to nation building and self development.
He stated that the title is derived from the combination of Dazzle and Inspiration.
Izuora described the book as an inspiration from the realm that dazzled, which he explained as saying that every human being was divine in nature and also created to do exploits.
In describing the idea nature, nurture of an idea society, he quoted the first nugget of the book that said: “truth is colourless”.
Meanwhile, the book reviewer, Mr Okoh Aihe, who gave a comprehensive analysis of the book said:
“In every book there is a message all we need to do is to find the message, usually this one very didactic, short and witty saying that can prepare your path.
The book wants us to be conscious of our activities and be concerned with the fate of others, this is the significance”.
The book is comprised of 383 nuggets, neatly written to inspire readers and book lovers.