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My vision for NIPOST is that of collaboration not competition with private players — PMG Odeyemi

The Postmaster General of the Federation and CEO of the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST), Tola Adeyemi has stated that her vision of NIPOST is that of collaboration not competition with private players.

NIPOST is being restructured with a new vision as Tola Odeyemi wears her cap of responsibilities of the new PMG of the federation.

Odeyemi has promised that NIPOST is ready to collaborate and NOT compete with small medium enterprise courier and delivery companies to serve Nigeria better.

With the introduction of digital postal code services by NIPOST, SMEs and hubs could use the agencies’ physical infrastructures as warehouses for storage and delivery of their goods.

The e-service is designed to allow users access multiple currier services aside NIPOST, as long as they are registered with the agency.

Speaking at the 3-day Digital Nigeria Conference hosted by NITDA, the new CEO said she sees NIPOST as a foundational structure. Being the only government agency that is located in every state and local government areas across the country, Tola promises to partner with the sister agencies to utilise and maximise the physical offices scattered all over to reach the unreachables, particularly those in the rural areas.

Odeyemi said NIPOST is open to have representatives of NCC, NITDA, NIMC, etc positioned at their physical facilities and attending to the needs of the people, thereby saving them the stress of going into the urban areas for these services.

She said, “One of the things that we want to see to see is how to use NIPOST safe spaces for people to actually have the touch point with government. So imagine you want to apply for passports, death records, birth records, your NIN, your driver’s license, so as opposed to going from from Illesha to Osogbo every single time I need to do a document, all I have to do is go to the nearest NIPOST office, and at least, at the very least, I can process those documents and even when the documents or whatever services I needed. I can go back there to collect it, right? And so it just makes life easier for everybody.”

In sync with the Minister’s vision of digitizing all sectors of the country, NIPOST is pitching to NITDA and other sister agencies to include her staff employees in their digital trainings so in turn, they could train the unreached in the rural areas by duplicating the acquired knowledge. NIPOST is also advertising the physical spaces to be used for these digital trainings, especially in the most mundane locations where only NIPOST can access.

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