My husband cheated on me while I was pregnant for 5 months


I read a lot and I decided to tell quickly tell you my story. For some time now I’m confused about my feelings and I think that by writing the story it would be easier for me to find an answer.

I met Adekunle Segun, my husband while I was in my early 30s and he seemed like the nicest man on earth. He bought many gifts for me and made me feel like a woman loved and in love.

Whenever he was around me, I felt like I was in heaven, because his love seemed so pure and so beautiful. It didn’t take him too long to propose. And it didn’t take me too long to convince my parents that he was the one I wanted to marry. As far as I was concerned, no man could love me like Adekunle Segun.

My mum tried to make me delay our marriage by saying that I was yet to complete my higher education. Actually, at that time, I was still in the university and I had hopes of graduating and getting a job which I would use to support myself and my parents. I never thought of getting married while I was still in school but Adekunle Segun didn’t think that way.

Adekunle Segun was so desperate to marry me rather than wait for me to complete my studies, because according to him, he didn’t want another man to snatch me after I had graduated. In any case, Jimmy always had a problem of emotional insecurity. He always felt insecure in relationships.

I knew from the way he acted that he felt insecure. It was clear in his very jealous and obsessive attitude towards me. He almost went crazy whenever he saw me with any guy and he always wanted to know where I had gone and where I was going at all times.

In fact, some of my friends told me that he had been monitoring my movement by bribing some of them to give him constant information on my movements. I thought his actions were very immature, but I never confronted him over it.

In any case, I still agreed to marry Adekunle Segun because he had been so good to me and so respectful to my parents. He appeared like a perfect gentleman even though he was very jealous and possessive but I didn’t mind because I knew he loved me.

However, after marrying the man, with whom I thought I would spend the rest of my life, we started trying for a baby. After four years and several IVF attempts I finally got pregnant. It was a hard pregnancy.

The whole time I felt that my husband was cheating. We had many conversations, and of course he denied it. It got to point where I started to think that I was crazy or just imagining things because of the pregnancy and stressed condition.

I decided to find out if I was right and I was not surprised because there he was cheating on me the whole time with an undergraduate girl and a cultist for that matter!

There I was pregnant and the man decided to date one stupid girl who decided to come to my home with a bunch of her friends one day to tell me face to face that she was a cultist and that she was going to take my husband away from me and that there is nothing I’m going to do about it.

When my husband returned home later that day, I told him how his girlfriend had come to our house with some of her so-called friends to threaten me. I told him to be careful and stop cheating on me to avoid meeting people like that who could threaten the peaceful existence of our family.

After that I was scared for the baby and myself. But after my husband said he was “sorry” and that he “loved me” I decided to stay with him until I give birth and then make a decision.

My husband claims to have stopped dating that cult girl but she still calls me on phone to threaten me. Most of the time she calls with an unknown number and for that reason I have stopped answering any call with an unknown number.

I have now given birth to a lovely baby girl. Currently my child is alive and well, a really happy baby, very loved by everyone, including her father. But I am still angry that my husband did this kind of thing to me. I cannot swallow the insult. He has lost my trust and in some ways my love. I think I will be better off without him.