May 27: Inculcate good morals in children, says Educationist


An educationist, Mr Collins Nnadozie, has called on parents to inculcate good morals in their children to become responsible citizens in the future.

Nnadozie made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in commemoration of the annual Children’s Day celebration.

He said that the call was necessary because the attitude exhibited by a child showed how the child was brought up by his parents.

“Children must be nurtured to have good character at all time.
“The child must be disciplined, humane, honest, law-abiding, diligent, respectful, clean, and remorseful.

“The child must be time-conscious, have fear of God and must be more responsible with his personal belongings and public property,” he said.

Nnadozie, a teacher in a private school in FESTAC Town, Lagos, urged teachers not to only give priority to academics but to teach the child how to dispose wastes and to imbibe the spirit of contentment and to guide against greed and stealing.

According to him, some parents give their children all they need but children are never contented because their wants keep increasing with trends as such they will go the extra mile when their parents can no longer meet their need.

“On the contrary, responsible parents take care of their children’s needs and not wants and ensure the child is satisfied with what they provided,” he said.