MasterCard  to engage Best Startups in Africa


By Kayode Tokede

Technology and data are transforming the way consumers and businesses interact with one another, driving a need to bring new ideas to market with greater speed.

The right corporate-startup partnership gives startups an accelerated path to scale innovative solutions.

The MasterCard Start Path Global 2016 program has been designed with that objective and has launched a call for applications across the globe.

Since 2014, Start Path has provided more than 60 startups a variety of operational support, mentorship, and investment to develop the next generation of commerce solutions.mastercard_logo

Start Path has seen success in the MEA region and is intensifying its search as a continuing reminder of the innovation potential of local startups. In MEA, the program is currently working closely with startups including Saida, a startup that has developed an app that uses the data on the customers’ smartphones to underwrite loans to them in minutes. The app has just launched in Kenya and has been instrumental to providing over 16,000 loans.

Global lead of MasterCard Start Path, Stephane Wyper, said, “Startups are actively experimenting with new solutions aimed at transforming the status-quo across a wide variety of industries including financial services, retail, and healthcare.”

“We can provide critical support through operational expertise and access to a steady pipeline of customers, channels and partners. In just two years, Start Path Global has a strong record of helping startups transform innovations into sustainable business propositions.”