Makinde vows to continue prioritizing infrastructure development

The Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde, has committed to continuing his administration’s focus on infrastructure development to promote growth and productivity. He made this announcement on Friday at the funeral service for Mama Elizabeth Areola Abeo Oke, mother of Bishop Francis Wale Oke, held at the James Oke Memorial Anglican Church in Kasumu Village, Ibadan.

Governor Makinde revealed plans to extend current road construction from Kasumu Village to Egbeda Road via Owobaale-Erunmu where the state government intends to convert the inactive Erunmu Dry Port into a Container Terminal, extending to Lalupon.

He urged residents to be cautious of land grabbers and advised against selling their properties, emphasizing that the area will soon be ready for significant economic transformation due to these projects and the ongoing Ibadan Circular Road Project.

He said: “Let me say it again that those who have landed properties here should not sell them. Not only those around Kasumu side but also Owobaalé axis. Also, the location before we get to the Infectious Disease Centre at Olodo, that is the location we were planning to site the Dry Port before we thought of converting it to a container terminal.

“It would still be on the old narrow gauge and if you go further up, we have the Circular Road, which is also hitting this place. This road would hit the other one and the other one by Bishop Wale Oke, I am standing on the altar of God to say that I will finish that road before the end of my tenure.

“They are clearing it and all I can say is, please, beware of land grabbers. They will swoop in on this area very soon. We are opening this place up, don’t sell your land but hold it. People will come with even forex to get the land from you later.”

Makinde praised Mama Oke’s legacy, noting her positive influence on the community and the admirable qualities in her children. He urged the family to celebrate her 97-year life, recognizing it as a blessing.

In his words, “God blessed Mama with long life and fruitfulness. Mama had an impact on our environment here. I know a little bit about this place and Mama’s impact.

“So, I am happy to be here today to be part of those celebrating the life of Mama.

“Mama’s age before she died was God’s blessing and Mama used herself very well and I appreciate the fact that she went back to the area she was brought up before she died.”

The Diocesan Bishop of Ibadan North Diocese, Rt. Reverend Williams Aladekugbe, in his sermon, encouraged attendees to view death as a peaceful transition for believers.
Representing the family, the National President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, (PFN), Bishop Wale Oke thanked Governor Makinde for his remarkable leadership and transformative efforts in Oyo State, highlighting the state’s fortune in having a God-fearing leader like Makinde.

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