Madness at Isawo community


Bedlam was let loose penultimate week at Isawo, a sprawling community in Ikorodu area of Lagos State when some militants went on a mind-boggling escapade, killing, according to reports, some soldiers among who was a captain, and some policemen with others yet to be identified.

The incident woken the residents from their sleep. It bears some resemblance to past bloodletting incidents across the country. One germane question to ask is where are the security agencies before this evil was easily perpetrated without let or hindrance? The Police in their usual grandstanding after the havoc had been committed are fond of feeding us with empty promises of “we are on top of the situation, efforts are being intensified to bring the culprits to book, police will fish out whoever is involved in the crime.” These are but a tale from the blues, tales by the moonlight.

Lagos State Police Commissioner, Fatai Owoseni gave residents a fragile assurance of the citizens’ safety when he reeled the above promises, which could be taken with a pinch of the salt. The point without mincing words is that, the Police are not proactive in their vocation as regards prevention of crime before they are committed. The Police virtually went on sleep on this evil day.

Time is now for the Police nationwide to sharpen their professional skills with respect to prevention and detection of crimes. The Police Inspector-general who is at the helm should partner relevant stakeholders to turn around the Force for optimum performances by his personnel. Enough of these extra-judicial killings by Fulani herdsmen and other evil doers in our midst.

In terms of adequate facilities to deal with crimes and criminality, the IG should also partner relevant government officials including the Police Service Commission and other stakeholders to stem this recurrent willful brigandage which had become a hydra-headed monster untamable in our midst.

Also the communities are stakeholders in this nationwide bloodletting. They should ever be vigilant as the adage says “eternal vigilance is price of freedom”. They should be watchful for strange people in their midst and report suspicious elements to the security agencies. Perhaps if they had been vigilant, the Isawo episode could have been nipped in the bud by security agencies.

Governments at all levels should adopt welfarist policies that would provide employments for the teeming youths. For an “idle brain is the devil’s workshop.”

Police again should take another look at their manner of recruitment starting from education certificates and psychiatric state. Recruitment should be for those who want to make the Force a career and not those who want to commit crimes through the wearing of uniforms.

What reforms the Police authorities feel are apt should be employed in this instance. This could start from their salary and other facilities including decent barracks and family welfare for members of the Force for optimum service. Enough of Isawo debacle in the country.

However, we hereby commiserate with the families of the deceased in this incident while praying for the repose of the dead souls.

We equally urge the Federal Government to take a look at the security agencies nationwide and overhaul the system. Adopting fire brigade approach when a heinous crime such as this incident happens cannot solve the problem that needs urgent and proactive action.

This has to do with crack intelligence units of security agencies – the Police, Army, and other relevant agencies. With crack intelligence, crime and criminalities would have been nipped in the bud thus saving loss of many innocent souls and prevent possible civil disobedience, uprising among the populace arising from this incessant extra-judicial killings.

Government should compensate the families of the deceased with some palliative measures as a way of placating them.