Love for Breakfast


By Oyindamola Shoola

I am a child who never had undiluted love
for breakfast.

Love for me was the sneaky apologies
that my single-parent mother whispered in
“Have you eaten?”
or “Try this dress and tell me if it fits you.”

So, forgive me when I question your blatant
“I love you” professed in random moments.
Forgive me if I don’t know how to say it back;
I am learning.

Forgive me if I ask if you love me
after we just made love
or randomly while eating breakfast.

Or instead of forgiving me like
my desire for love’s certainty is a sin, assure me.
Tell me you love me a thousand times,
if I ask a thousand times.

And if I say “Darling, have you eaten?”
Tell me you love me.



Oyindamola Shoola is a writer, author, and feminist. She is also the Co-founder of SprinNG, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Nigerian writers.

Oyindamola graduated from Bronx Community College in 2017 and the New York University in 2020 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Behavior and Change.

An award-winning leader, writer, and student (of life) – she coaches others to enhance their career development and academic success experiences.

Instagram: @OyindamolaShoola




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